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    Wine Just Got an Update That Fixes an Ultima 9-Related Bug

    When opening an in-game book for reading, there is nothing to work as a mouse pointer to help clicking the page corners or other clickable elements with. The books do work, but finding the correct spot to click without any pointer is quite hard. Saving and loading the game as well as selecting spells are also implemented by an in-game book, so these functions are likewise affected.

    A similar issue affects using the inventories and toolbelt, though the pointer is not so much missing as being drawn under instead of over the inventory panel. Otherwise the game seems to work well.

    I’ve confirmed this bug is due to a missing WM_CAPTURECHANGED message that Wine fails to send near the beginning of execution. The lParam of the message matches the HWND of u9.exe’s window.

    Windows XP (and likely others) send this message while Wine does not. Forcing Wine to send this message causes the cursor to appear correctly during gameplay.

    I’m currently investigating where Wine is supposed to be sending this message. Simple WM_CAPTURECHANGED test examples don’t seem to exhibit any incorrect behavior so far.

    Note the WM_CAPTURECHANGED message does _not_ happen everytime the cursor is supposed to be shown – it’s simply fired off once toward the beginning of execution and this apparently tells u9.exe to load or use the missing cursor. … lated-bug/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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