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    …and it looks like total crap. I mean, check out all those ferps in the trailer video!



    But its got Pump-Action and Captain in the same name!


    Pump-Action captain is the name of my pirate metal Electric Six cover band.


    The low framerate at the beginning is done on purpose to make a “kool slow-mo” effect but if the real game did run at 180fps instead of 25, that slow-mo would have been smooth.

    Also, I’m wondering if they’re trying to beat Cube 2: sauerbraten to the title for the most cringeworthy 3D models ever.

    The first lines of the description make me want to avoid this game forever:

    Pump-Action Captain is a difficult, minimalist, FPS with Rogue-Like and RPG elements. An unconventional hybrid of many different genres. You have only ONE life, and ONE weapon; Your trusty Boom-stick!

    Translation: Pump-Action Captain is an unbalanced fuck-you hard FPS with no story or level design. An unoriginal mix of genres seen countless amounts of times. We make you restart over and over so we can keep the actual game really short and we were too lazy to design weapons.

    Meanwhile, hum, I mean 15 years ago, Croteam was releasing a tech demo for their new engine that was both better looking and more impressive than this crap.


    And to think that the boomstick used to be so awesome…

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    Venn Stone
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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