L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Doom 3 – Quake MOD – Shambler’s Castle

“This is a Quake inspired mod featuring the map: Shambler’s Castle. All assets are original, nothing is ported from Quake. This includes one map (roughly 30 minutes of fast paced game play), 5 Remade Quake Monsters, All Remade Quake Weapons with New Sounds (Lightning Gun is included in the mod but not in the map because of broken sounds), Quad Damage Powerup And much more! “

Tested out a few Doom3 MODS during festivus. Shambler’s Castle really pressed my Quake 1 nostalgia button HARD. Give it a look.

Extract the *.zip directly into the Doom3 folder and launch with the following command.

./doom3 +set fs_game quake +map castle

If you experience problems with sound add this.

+set s_alsa_pcm plughw:0 +set NumberOfSpeakers 2 “$@”



Download: www.moddb.com

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