L.G.C. EP12 — Caster

On a rather rushed/sickly attempt at L.G.C. EP 12.

Arx Fatalishas Released Under GPL

OpenMW hits version 0.9.0

Vdrift Ogre – On Linux?

Then a quick/dirty rundown of Caster 1.3

“Caster is an episodic game that presents an intense 3rd person action shooter experience with pulse pounding music that will keep you wanting more! And more you will have with all new episodes for FREE”

  1. Me again ^^

    Why did you mix an episode with a b-reel ?
    I think it don’t fit together.

    Btw. maybe a little frame around (left and top side) the bottom-right-video could be good to separated it from the other things.


  2. I should make that last bit clear.

    A.) I have NO idea what I am doing.
    B.) B-reel is the footage I capture in hopes of making a L.G.C.

    So you know, all of the footage was re-captured for this episode.

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