L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Apalia HD – Beta 3.9.2 – First Look

“Following a betrayal, Ariana the Raan is sold to the slavers of the Elpala on the edge of the desert to be sentenced to death in the Arena. For over a year, Ariana managed to defy odds, becoming known as the first female champion of the Elpala Arena, aswell as the first Raan.
Many creatures inhabit these lands, and many would like to see a woman die at the hands of their pride stricken gladiators. But Ariana has a secret, and the secret has kept her alive until now…”

Website: www.apaliahd.com

This, is, SPARTA BETA! I say this with mighty need. (known problems…)

In This version of the beta we have only allowed access to the Elpala map, which contains the Arena and nearby town.

Arena of Swords – retitled Episode 1 – The Raan
In the Arena mode you are to fight several enemies in round based action. there are several enemies to defeat per round as displayed on the counter at the top of the screen(ui will change in beta 4)
you are to last as long as possible, and your efforts are recorded in the High Scores. Currently only one difficulty is supported but this will increase to 3 in the near future!

Episode 2 – Eferu’s Game
Eferu’s game is a capture the flag mode which takes place across the lands of Apalia. There are 3 flags to capture in each level but we have only included Elpala.
In Beta 4 this mode will be playable completely, levels will be linked between narrated sequences, and unlocked upon completion
Tutorial – Not yet implemented, but its on the way and is very intuitive!


Combat Issues
Combat is a bit messy, in some cases the player will move ontop of the enemy when attacking. All these problems are known and will be fixed soon, but feel free to comment on them.

Upcoming Changes
We are calling Beta 4.0 the final version of the game, but with bugs. It is coming soon (2weeks) and will begin the road to release. In this version sound and music will be implemented, the cutscenes as well as many ui changes. One upcoming ui feature includes a helper which shows what buttons you have recently pressed and highlights those that initiated a combo. We are also considering text popups which tell you the attacks you have just completed, and some enhanced attack effects.

A major change that is being worked on are the new characters, which are basically the same but with 3 times as many frames. The character animations will be a lot smoother when this change is implemented, and its coming along with 3 new characters… the Wissiri, the Baren and Firstson Elpala, our game boss. The new animations will be completed and implemented in a matter of days.

Now, you can apply for the beta here.

And kudos to my friends at Beatnik Turtle for the soundtrack.


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