L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Warsow 0.61

While most of the ongoing work is happening on the 0.7 development branch, we took the time to port some of the changes and make a new point release of 0.6, fixing some of the outstanding performance issues. The autoupdate for servers will soon follow, although it won’t bring any VBO fixes to clients, the later will have to download the new .exe/binary files elsewhere. Anyway, here’s the 0.62 changelog:

– Changed gunblade selfdamage to 100% and knockback to 78.
– Simplified rendering of ‘rgbgen lightingDiffuse’ shaders, which allowed to merge them into larger vertex buffer objects at load time to improve performance.
– Sped up culling of simple planar shadows to improve performance.
– Take map area visibility into account when creating vertex buffer objects for surfaces.

– Particle entities spawned too many dynamic lights with them.
– Fixed occasional disco lights on wbomb2.
– Fixed a nasty bug in q1 bsp loader that could potentially crash clients.

Website : www.warsow.net

This is the first capture under the Fedora box. Still setting up the TYAN S8236GM3NR mobo (many thanks john doe) /w/ dual AMD X6 crisps. It should make a proper render box AND /w/ luck allow video interviews with game devels. Yeah, I know overkill, right? Well, the only Linux option (that I know of) for even trying this is WebCamStudio and it’s composed in Java. If you guys know of a better way please shoot me a note.

  1. Nice. I’m no good with FPS games. Only one I’ve ever done respectably at was World of Padman, but even that loses it novelty after you been fragged a few thousand times. I just don’t have the twitchy fingers for it. :)

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