L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Buggy Race

Buggy Race is a simple action-arcade racing game for youngest players, which allows our kids to improve agility while having a great time. Car races are devoided of any violence. Fairy-tale scenery and diverse locations provide many hours of fun.


Features and merits of the game:

* game is free!
* 8 various tracks
* fairy-tale scenery and dynamic music
* collectable bonuses on the track
* 2 different cars
* race and rally mode
* support for Multi GPU configurations (CrossFireX and SLI)

Website: buggy-race.pl


Keep in mind, this game is for kids. Keep in mind (also) I hold a world rank of 3,284 out of 3+ million in TrackMania. Moral? Don’t FK with Polish kids.

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