L.G.C. |B-Reel| — FIRST LOOK – ZEQ2 Lite

“ZEQ2-Lite is an open-sourced and mod expandable project based on a highly modified ioQuake3 engine foundation and features many true-to-reference DBZ visuals and mechanics. Additionally, there exists a custom from-scratch particle system as well an extended number of configuration files that can be used to control character skills (visually & mechanically), world particle effects, forms / transformations / tiers, music playlists, and other aspects. This attribute makes the project more than simply another DBZ modification as strong capabilities exist for user mod creation exists without need for actual programming”

Ever wonder what happened to Bid for Power? Wonder no more. Keep in mind this is SVN beta so; slack, cut it.

Website: zeq2.com/lite/

  1. You downloaded the latest svn but not the most stable one.

    The playable/stable svn version is 1536, anything above that is for development purposes. So if you want to play online, use revision 1536

    Right click your zeq2lite folder,tortoiseSVN, update to revision, then enter 1536.

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