L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Steel Storm is an independent video game series developed by Kot-in-Action Creative Artel using the free software DarkPlaces engine that were released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. The games are divided into two episodes, with Episode One being fully free software,[2] and Episode Two (titled as Steel Storm: Burning Retribution) being a commercial product. They are top down arcade shooters where players control a hovercraft while battling presumed extraterrestrial invaders using a variety of different weapons.

Website: www.steel-storm.com

In all fairness; the critters at SS sent over a copy two months ago. We had “communication issues”  like /w/ the guys at Oil Rush. It’s water under the chainsaw, as they say. Keep in mind SSII is not a new game and DO NOT judge it on that metric. Think of this an expansion pack for SSI. Well worth a play.


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