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About: The Arx Fatalis porting effort has been going full steam ahead; a lot of developments on that project. They recieved a Wiki sponsored by the PARPG guys, made subreddit to post updates to and have quite a few repositories where the different team members are working on the seperate goals of the project. –TheAncientGoat


  1. Hi!

    I’m just wondering. Since you are into games on Linux, why aren’t you trying to team up with Chris @ Jupiterbroadcasting.com? Jeremy and Bryan have both left JB, so I think he really needs more hosts before his whole site falls apart. It would probably give you a lot of more viewers too. =)

  2. Nice work. Thanks to your advices My linux game library is growing :-)

    If I can sugest theme for some of next episodes that would by Call To Power 2 HowTo.
    This one is really hard to go.

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