Four Games Added To The Humble Indie Bundle 6

We’ve just added four more fantastic games to our latest bundle: BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb! If you have already purchased the bundle, they should automatically show up on your download page. New customers can access them by paying more than the current average on the site.

All four added games are DRM-free and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, come with soundtracks, and can optionally be redeemed on Steam and the Ubuntu Software Center!

About: Ten earth-shattering games. Humble Indie Bundle 6 features ten fantastic titles and nine breathtaking soundtracks. Name your price and immerse yourself in the critically acclaimed action-RPG Torchlight; the rugged sci-fi action platformer Rochard; physics-based brick breaker Shatter; top down space combat sim Space Pirates and Zombies; and steampunk puzzle platformer Vessel. Customers who beat the average price will also get the incredible, frantic acrobatic platformer, Dustforce, and four additional bonus games: the retro-rhythm platformer, BIT.TRIP RUNNER; overhead tactical battle simulator Gratuitous Space Battles; 4-player vertical shoot ‘em up Jamestown; and making its bundle debut, reflex-testing RPG-block breaker Wizorb!


Gaijin Games

BIT.TRIP RUNNER radiates charm and challenge with retro-styled, music-platformer gameplay. Players take control of CommanderVideo as he runs through more than 30 levels. Each stage features a unique music track perfectly synced to CommanderVideo’s hops and slides, resulting in a fresh and intuitive platforming experience.

Gratuitous Space Battles

Positech Games

In the sci-fi strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles, players outfit a complete fleet — from bulkhead-to-munitions — to clash mightily with opponents from across the galaxy. With layer upon layer of customization, master strategists will always be able to find a way to blast the competition into smithereens.


Final Form Games

Jamestown is a beautiful shmup that brings neo-classical flavor to the grand tradition of scrolling arcade shooters. Up to four players blast and bullet dodge through a hostile Martian frontier, armed with the very best in steampunk weaponry. A “stay-alive” co-op system will have you screaming at your buddies during the epic, retro-style, screen-filling boss battles, while unlocking sick new ships and weapons.


Tribute Games

In this RPG-infused block breaker by Tribute Games, take on the role of Cyrus, a wizard well-versed in the secret magic art known as Wizorb. Prepare to engage in an epic brick-shattering quest to save the Kingdom of Gorudo. Wizorb features beautiful retro graphics and a charming score in over 60 levels set over 5 worlds.


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