The Starshock Public Demo is out. Enjoy 3 levels of retro-esque shooter goodness heavily inspired by classic first person shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein.

NOTE: To run Starshock, you will need Java installed. You can launch the demo by running “java -jar StarshockReleaseDemo.jar” from the terminal.

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Horrible things are happening on the Iapetus moon station. Utilize your tools, your environment and your weapons to try and escape the horrible madness, fighting and running through the dark corridors. Experience a story of an experiment gone horribly wrong through the diaries of the station personnel. Death is final, and it will find you fast if you’re careless. Starshock is a retro-esque shooter that takes place in a space station. It is heavily inspired by *shock games and other old first person shooters like Doom or Wolfenstein.


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