A Typographic Linux Game

They’re not kidding when they say Type:Rider is an “experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters“!

The fact that you play as a colon in Ex Nihilo’s debut game has opened my mind to a string of semantical puns. Unfortunately, none of which apply to the the game though. Regardless of how badly I wanted to crack a joke about the game’s character and its anatomical equivalent, Type:Rider is actually a good relaxation game.

You roll your dots along a typographical landscape to capture letters and, if your platforming-fu is up to par, some punctuation secrets. The entire game reminds me of Nightsky with a ‘font-astical’ twist.

Type:Rider Type:Rider Type:Rider Type:Rider

The driver’s seat for this historically accurate font platformer will set you back $9.99 US or €9.99 in Europe. It seems if you’re across the pond, like me, you may be getting something up your colon when it comes to the price. Oh well…

Webzone: typerider.arte.tv
Steam Store Page: store.steampowered.com


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