LinuxGameCast Weekly EP202 – Zed’s Not Dead

Valve offers a COMPLETE discount! Gigabyte launches the 1070 Mini, Dolphin travels to Vulkan, and Left 4 Dead 3 gets leaked? Then Dead Island Definitive Edition faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Hint hint-

  • Upcoming” Street Fighter V confirmed for 2019!

Cheaper Bundles

  • Good that they’re implementing something like this *cough humble*
  • Although they should give you the option to get gift keys for games you already own
    • For that price I can kinda see why they don’t.
  • Seems legit
  • It’s a good idea!
  • I managed to get the VALVe complete pack during the sale for less than €4, since it automatically recognize the games I already had and offered me the price for just the ones I didn’t.


  • Considering the shape of their mobile division this is a good thing.
  • I’m curious what kind of advancements will come to the platform now that they have a company specifically focused at developing VR
  • I still think there is still some synergy to be milked from the MobileVR side though.


  • VALVe still makes games?
  • This reminds me of the schtick we pull when we post screenshots
  • And of course, all this does is confirms that it exists. If or when it’ll ever be released, who knows
  • And for all we know, it might turn out to be a shitty 3d platformer with awful depth perception


  • It’s a pretty healthy attitude to have regarding piracy. I remember the main reason I pirated games in my youth was because I had no disposable income. Now that I do, I buy games when I can and y’all should too
  • And if you think about it, buying grey market can be a little worse than piracy, considering you can end up costing the devs money (as opposed to just a sale) and they money you’re paying is going to the wrong sorts.
    • Well, that and you incentivise all the fucktrumpets who make a living by stealing keys.
  • Good! The more developers calling G2A on the resellers of stolen goods they are, the more likely they’ll die out.
  • As if you needed more evidence that G2A is worse than piracy…
  • Steam has sales going on for most of the year. It’s very hard to justify purchasing a game from the “Grey Market”. Not that there’s any doubt left that on which shade of grey G2A falls into.

FORCED Showdown

  • It’s FORCED with an impactful combat, roguelike elements, and a deck building aspect.
  • Hey, they learned how to graphic.
  • Forgot how to detect contollas.
  • This is what Flamebreak could have been if the aesthetics hadn’t been so bad and it had a deck building system like Hand of Fate.
  • Good on them for finally adding linux support. There hasn’t been a hair of that mentioned in the press emails we’ve got from them until now.

…let it go

  • It’s a bit of late reporting on our part but still interesting.
  • So, after 10-years in development and raising 5mil (on Steam alone) they just need another 1.7mil and they will totes finish the game.
  • Yeah, they are looking for a publisher… hey! Quit laughing!
  • Either they are FK mothering delusional (and think they will get one) or this is just another “See guys! We can’t leave EA but keep buying the game!” play.


It can’t hurt

  • There is no Radeon Software on Linux, though.
    • Linux is listed as an option in the survey.
  • They deprecated the AMDCCCLE along with FGLRX.
  • But they must mean FGLRX by Crimson Edition. Otherwise why would their Crimson drivers still say FGLRX?
    • Because AMD?

BLAM (story developing)

  • Remember when we thought that that PCI powered 950 was pushing the PCI requirements a little too much? AMD is not one to be outdone though
  • 160+ watts on average and spikes to 170”
    • Something gonna BLAM.
  • Wait for a 8-pin or dual 6-pin.
  • Also, why remove the DVI on a low-end card?
  • That’s exactly what AMD needs, right now. An underwhelming card performance-wise, which will melt motherboards and fry PCIe connections.
    • 3-way with some Metro.
  • It’s fine though. It’s all part of the plan
  • We are already testing a driver that implements a fix”
    • B-b-b-ut I thought there was no problem!
  • Thing is this “fix” is probably going to hurt performance.
  • Again, WAIT for non-reference cards.


  • 1070 Nano.
  • Comes with a factory OC.
  • Still more powerful (and now smaller) than anything AMD has to offer.
    • If it only requires a 6-pin I will ROTFL.
      • Well, an 8 pin connector is just a 6 pin with 2 grounds. Not exactly, but you know what I’m getting at.
  • Whar low profile version? With the 8 inch thick heatsink.

Because FK $

  • Twitch could take a cut on both ends.
  • We can dance for tokens just like…. Yeah.
    • I mean, we kind of already do
  • This sort of reminds me of that flattr service that started up a while ago but never really took off
  • I’m not sure how much viewers will engage with this though.
    • Don’t worry, they will keep Paypal around… for a little while.
  • Micro donations like 5 cents a show do add up and, psychologically speaking, it’s easier to justify 5 cents than making a full blown, on time $10 donation.
    • I get it. This way, they get to circumvent PayPal and any other third party service entirely. Which means they get a cut they never did with PayPal or Patreon.

LLAP Dolfin

  • Hopefully this gets some traction.
  • Maintaining a common graphics stack for Dolphin means that improvements on one platform will improve the others. Hopefully anyways
  • One of the big issues with “modern” console emulators is that the devs will focus on a DX implementation and neglect the OpenGL one, as was the case with PCSX2

Heros of footie

  • More like Heros of failed X_CreateWindow
  • I managed to work around that but then this happened:
  • As silly as I think the football premise is, these guys have had a working linux client longer than any other MOBA, so they get a plug.
    • “””working”””

They actually pulled it off!

  • Just.
    • The LGC bump is real!
  • It’s good to see if not the definitely one of the first Portuguese games on Kickstarter to end their campaign successfully.
  • It’s not exactly a revolutionary game, but it’s still good to see it succeed.

Speaking of

  • I could definitely go for a Myst style game, right about now.
  • Good to see they made it.
  • Further evidence of the LGC bump.

D-Toid UK sacked!

  • Laura Kate, Joe Parlock, and Vikki Blake are officially out of a job, so to speak.
  • This was but a matter of time, considering how Kotaku took a pretty big hit with the bankruptcy of Gawker Media and the Escapist having sacked their entire Durham office.
  • It seems like the “traditional” internet video games media is taking a pretty big hit!
  • Your old pals at LGC aren’t going anywhere though. Bringing you “quality” “journalism”
  • We’re like glitter. Or herpes!


Before we end the news we should take a moment and scream at the fine young cannibals that make Cocaine Voltron possible. A.K.A. our Bosses

Evandro A

Freyr (upped)

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Living Continent (ambiguous edition)
Devel: Techland
Engine: Chrome Engine 6
Price: 19.99 / CDN 21.99

Wazzat: Welcome to the zombie apocalypse experience of a lifetime – and now more beautiful than ever. Caught in the midst of an epic zombie outbreak on the tropical island of Banoi, your only thought is: Survive!

Makes with the working


  • I CAN’T KICK BEACH BALLS! -11ty chairs!
  • Steering wheels in the right place, literally.
  • Few graphical glitches but nothing to complain about considering the performance.


  • The game kind of shits it’s pants at UHD. The cursor becomes super slow and the choppiness is brutal
  • At 1080, no issue


  • In-game proper, this game will use 60-70% of all the cores on the FX 8370E and peg GPU utilization on the 970 at 100%. That’s awesome!
  • The initial load from the desktop is single-threadsville and it takes almost 2 full minutes.
  • Then, at specific points in game, there’s some texture corruption, which causes the screen to be filled with a stretched version of that texture.
  • It becomes a problem in areas where there are loads of zombies and you can’t see them.
  • Also, I could never get multiplayer to work.
  • I would be willing to excuse almost all of these as bugs which would eventually be fixed.
  • But neither the developer, Techland, or the publisher, Deep Silver, want to provide support for the Definitive Edition… at least not on Linux.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Oh it’s pretty.
  • The graphical upgrade is hella noticeable.
  • Kida like the Metro / Metro Redux joint.
  • I did learn that THE SUN NEVER FKN SETS in Space australia.
  • Characters are done well and each environment is proper unique…. Minus the sewers.
  • Speaking of characters, I keep waiting for Mel Gibson lifeguard guy to say something anti-semitic.
  • Disappointment aside, the rest of the voice work is top notch and borderline believable.


  • It looks and sounds as good as a AA or AAA game from 2011 can
  • The voice acting is competently done
  • However, yer buddy John is Aussie Steve Blum, through and through. You can’t escape his Bluminess


  • The graphics… yeah, they’re shiny.
  • They look about as good as you can expect, except maybe the non-zombie NPCs.
  • The Uncanny Valley is a long way down and they all look like they fell face first onto it.
  • What I really enjoyed about this game’s aesthetics were the ones you put in your ear pussies.
  • The background noise, assuming you’ve muted the music, is like being drowned in eery anticipation.
  • It keeps you at the edge of your seat and even though you know you can probably slash your way through anything the game might throw at you, it will still keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Very good soundscape… Assuming you muted the music.




  • WASD.
  • Didn’t have any issues /w the gerbil after the initial adjustment.


  • There definitely is some weirdness going on with the mouse in this game. Pedro has a whole rant you can tune out for
  • Everything else is mapped sanely. Except E and F should be switched


  • The mouse sensitivity is jacked.
  • I’m almost sure they’re using some manner of mouse deceleration and, as is tradition, they don’t give people an option to disable it. Why?!
  • What do game developers have against raw mouse input?!




  • I never really played the first one because bugs so take this with a grain of chainsaw.
  • I put 22 arns into this motherfucker.
  • Venn don’t normally put 22 into anything with the possible exception of Shadows of HORDOR.
  • And that’s real gameplay because I noped most of sidequest.
  • Admittedly it gets repetitive around the 18hr mark (repetitive as skull-fkn zombies can get) but that can usually be solved by building a new weapon.
  • And one non-spoiler protip: Do some of them sidequest before going past the point of no return.
  • It loses a chair for two things, one big and one REALLY big.
    • 1. Multiplayer is hella spotty and unreliable.
    • 2. It might never get sorted since neither the devel or publisher will take responsibility.
      • 2a. That will also affect all the other little bugs.


  • This is diablo with zombies and painful driving sections
  • Engaging the game at that level is actually kind of fun. Borderlands in a resort
    • Plus it’s very satisfying to go all American History X style on zombies
  • But like borderlands, playing on my own got a little boring. The quests are really all the same.
    • Go find X items
    • Bring this thing to that place over there
    • Or just go to place
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try out multiplayer. It could have got a few more points from that


  • Dead Is Land Definition Editive has all the makings of a great game but when it comes down to it, it’s only a good game.
  • It has a grounded set of mechanics, whether you like the MMO style combat of having to rely on the numbers instead of skill proper or not is up to you.
  • Personally I don’t mind it. In fact, in that specific subgenre, I’ll take Dead Is Land over Borderlands any day of the week.
  • The non-zombie NPCs all look like they fell face first into the Uncanny Valley and the voice acting is often so forced it makes it painfully obvious how much of a tone dissonance there is in this game.
  • And there is a lot of that.
  • The plot and NPC dialog want to evoke a heart-wrenching story of the people who lost their loved ones to the infection.
  • But then, the combat and your own character are constantly celebrating the dismemberment of said loved ones when you land a critical hit.
  • Either all 4 of the protagonists are sociopaths and the game is actually a genius rendition of the irony of sociopathy or, the plot was developed in a completely different timezone than the mechanics.
  • On top of that, those nagging technical issues I’ve mentioned up to this point compounded by the fact neither Deep Space 9 or Techwater seem to want to fix them, and you get a game which doesn’t live up to its potential.
  • And there’s a lot of potential. There’s a lot of content. There’s even a lot to appeal to different playstyles their players.
  • But all you really get is a janky albeit engaging zombie game.



Hate Mail:


  • Well, if he’s in the pie, then I’m pretty sure he’s dead. Which means we can install linux on it. GET MY TONGS


  • I’m pretty sure we’ve already reviewed Bound by Flame.
    • You misspelled Shrooms.
  • That game fits exactly into my definition of a game so bad, it’s actually kinda charming.
  • I got a soft spot in my chest for mind 90’s FMV games. I’d take a crack at it.

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