ChairQAsition: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

Your intrepid heroes provide the quality assurance that should have been done in the first place. Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition faces the ChairQAsition!

Game: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition
Webzone: Neverwinter_Nights_Enhanced_Edition
Devel: Bioware/Beamdog
Engine: Aurora
Price: 19.99 USD

Wazzat: Return to the Forgotten Realms in this bestselling Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Combines all the content of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition with all-new enhanced features. Includes 100+ hours of award-winning adventures and the tools to create your own!

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • New, fkn, rule: If I have to touch a *.ini in 2018 automatic -2 Chairs.
  • If molesting said *.ini file does not sort the issue -1 Chair.
  • Your menus don’t work, Brad.
  • I have tried windowed, fullscreen, borderless, 1080p, 720p, 2160p.
  • Cursor is out of alignment and straight-up nopes when trying to create a character.
  • Got it to work with 2160p fullscreen borderless MINUS UI scaling.
    • 27 minutes of constant futzing only to get in an unplayable state.
    • Yes, 27 minutes and I have yet to play the game.
  • Hangs on cloud sync when you force-close because you kinda have to force-close when the menus don’t FKN work.
  • Started on the wrong DAC but after all the other bullsh*t it hardly seem worth mentioning.
  • And before any of you playing the home game say a FSM damned word; everything I pointed out reads like a preflight checklist from the Steam review page.


  • Fix the mouse thing by doing setting Enable HardwareMouse=1
  • Oh yes, thar be out of the box issues. Bad Beamdog!
  • Also crashes when trying to load games from the Shadow bonus campaign
  • …Yeah, this is not a final product that should have made it to production
  • When Lutris gives you a better out of the box experience then your for $20 steam game, rethink the choices you made.


  • Fullscreen doesn’t work on Linux.
  • You can work around it by enabling borderless maximised in the .ini file.
  • Cloudsaves cause launch issues.


Shiny / Sounds



  • Just like 2003 Used to make


  • Considering the game came out in 2002 (2003 on Linux) it looks very blocky.
  • Its one saving grace are the awesome community mods which improved graphics a lot.
  • That and the improved engine is being tailored specifically to allow mods both old and new to work.
  • The big aesthetic yes for me is the Jeremy Soule audio.
  • The Hordes of the Underdark campaign, besides being the best in my opinion, also had the best music.
  • Can’t give it a full score since they still haven’t made anti-aliasing work and the Depth of Field crap they implemented makes everything look blurry.





  • TOEE still remains the high point of D&D PC game controls.
  • NWN’s are serviceable


  • You can have the typical skycam, overhead follow camera or “free” camera.
  • Heavy air quotes around the free bit since it’s still locked to your character.
  • You can play the whole game with just the mouse but they will let you control most of everything with the keyboard.
  • Mouse is only necessary when dealing with what, in 2018, can only be described as an old ass looking UI.
  • Though you can mod that too.





  • The second I hit the character creation screen, I had a big ol’ flashback to sitting at my desk, a dozen 3.5 source books splayed out in front of me trying to pick out feats and prestige classes
  • Man, I really don’t miss playing D&D from that era\
  • It’s neverwinter nights. It’s a perfectly fun RPG based in a semi-familiar fantasy world
  • But for whatever reason, playing it again didn’t really pull me in the same way that kotor did
  • You actually get a good amount of game for your money. You get all of the expansions, plus a bunch of additional content from the platinum edition. Kingmaker was actually a pretty fun side campaign (which is what I replayed for this review)
  • The technical issues though. Hot damn
  • Strider straight up did a better job of this with Lutris than Beamdog did. Sure it lacks the nice online bits that steam does, cloud saves just don’t work.

Pedro-CHAIRCHAIRAsteoid? Asterisk? Clara?

  • Neverwinter Nights is my all time favorite Linux game.
  • I’m hoping the Enhanced Edition will live up to its name but it’s hard to ignore the technical issues at play, here.
  • From defaulting to that broken ass scaling system, to failing at fullscreen and anti-aliasing, horrible depth of field, and general brokenness in even something like the Steam Cloud saves.
  • I have no doubt in my mind Beamdog will fix their shit.
  • But boy does it make it hard to recommend this version.
  • The thing I like so much about Neverwinter Nights is the multiplayer.
  • Having spent several years of my life playing in quite a few servers, I’m glad Beamdog fixed the server browser and made it even easier to join your friends through Steam.
  • But, those single player campaigns are very much there and they’re charging £3 for the premium modules.
  • Oh and £2 for a freakin’ portrait pack! >.>


Final –CHAIR


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