OpenMW: Playthrough Pt.10

Last time Pedro played OpenMW on Linux a lot of NPCs died but no trees were harmed. This week will most likely be no exception!

Streamed live: 11.26.19

About: OpenMW
OpenMW is a free, open source, and modern engine which re-implements and extends the 2002 Gamebryo engine for the open-world role-playing game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Like the Construction Set for the original Morrowind engine, OpenMW comes with its own editor, called OpenMW-CS, which allows the user to edit or create their own mods or original games. Both OpenMW and OpenMW-CS are written from scratch, and aren’t made to support any third party programs that have been added to the original Morrowind engine to improve its functionality.


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