LWDW 324: Taking the Snap out of Firefox

Ubuntu 22.04 is ready for public consumption, Lineage 19 begins rolling out, taking the Snap out of Firefox, and Cooler Master made a Pi case?



00:00 Intro
04:53 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
07:38 Canonical IPO in 2023
10:53 Taking the Snap out of Firefox
14:53 Lineage OS 19
21:53 Cooler Master Pi cases
26:38 Discrete GPU on the Pi

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


  • Hope y’all Firefox users like snaps
  • Gnome 42 and a horizontally oriented workspace workflow
  • Wayland by default.
    • I think it’s Wayland by default unless Nvidia? 
  • On the long-term stable 5.15 kernel.
  • Man, missing out on the kernel 5.16 goodness. 
  • I understand why, because not long term. 
  • For the fashion-conscious, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS offers ten different accent colours, applied to both the dark and light variants of the Yaru theme.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS adds Rust for memory-safe systems-level programming. 
  • It also moves to OpenSSL v3.
  • Users of Ubuntu WSL can upgrade to 22.04 LTS directly.
  • Optimised Ubuntu 22.04 LTS images for AWS Graviton.

Ubuntu ipOS 


  • Shuttleworth noted he now expects it to go public next year.
  • Canonical is not in a situation where it has to raise outside money and that going public for him is not about fundraising.
  • Say what you will about the company but they have been taking their time doing this and trying to do it correctly. 
  • Company culture changes when you go full-business. 
  • Ubuntu 25.04 “Stockmarket Stork”
  • Shuttleworth said there isn’t enough talent on the market for the company to hire.
  • If they’re so concerned about talent recruitment and retention, perhaps they should revisit their byzantine interview process.

DeSnap Fox 


  • Still perplexed about moving the Fox to Snap. 
  • I download the *.tar and run it on Debian. 
  • However, there is still a PPA maintained by the Mozilla Team. 
  • *Gru evil plan meme*
  • There is still a PPA maintained by the Mozilla Team?
    • Makes sense for users who want the latest without necessarily waiting for ubuntu or debian to catch up

LineageOS 19


  • Riptables. 
  • Lots of legacy devices were nuked due to AOSP’s removal of iptables in favor of eBPF. 
  • Only devices with Linux kernel 4.9 or newer have the needed capabilities to make use of eBPF.
  • Backporting that is going to be a mother. 
  • Settings > About phone > tap on Android version.
  • 4.14 on the S6 \:D/ 
  • Do people still plop Lineage on their Android devices?
  • I started tinkering with CyanogenMod back when Googs nuked support for the Nex10 after 7 minutes. 
  • Somewhere between then and now I developed a habit of only buying devices I could install CyanogenMod or Lineage on. 


swein (new pat)

Slice of Pi

Cooler Pi 



  • Don’t try it with a non pi4.  Heatsink is in the wrong place otherwise.
  • I’m still amazed coolermaster crowdfunded it
  • Fancy new GPIO protector door
  • STL files are always nice.  Good on you coolermaster
  • Like my Argon ONE case this does the “suck all the heat to the lid” trick.
  • Unlike the Argon ONE, Cooler Master added fins to dissipate the heat. 
  • The Pi Tool GUI management bit is nice and it’s open-source. 



  • It works, technically… kinda. 
  • X does not realy give it to ya. 
  • I want to see what can be done with the new Blackmagic ARM drivers. 
  • Apparently PCIe on  consumer grade ARM isn’t so great a love story
  • A busted up pci root complex means that certain memory operations are gonna eat poo
  • A hacked together r600 driver sorta works

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