LWDW 338: Linus buys a MacBook and OBS 28 Beta on Linux

Adventures at SCALE 19X, OBS 28 beta on Linux, Pi powered Router Boards for CM4, Moonray goes open-source, and Linus (not that one) buys a MacBook.


00:00 Intro
00:55 SCALE 19x recap
08:00 AMD 5600G vs B350
10:37 A $30 fan
13:02 OBS 28 beta on Linux
09:00 Kernel 5.19 & Linus on a MAC
23:35 Dreamworks open-sourced Moonray
30:40 CM4 Pi powered router

OBS 28 Beta


  • RIP 32-bit. 
  • Switched rendering on Linux from GLX to EGL, which should result in a better experience.
  • This means it will not remember your sources.
  • Added support for the H264 Format in the Linux V4L2.
  • Big move to QT6. 
  • Websockets 5.0 comes built in.
  • Everything is on fire.
  • I’ve posted issues with bitfocus & the captions people.
  • You can build it on Debian 11 using QT6 from backports.
  • Added the ability to reset the whole UI using the View menu -> Reset UI option.
    • This will come in handy, especially after heavy customizing the interface for specific projects.
  • Added support for custom FFmpeg options in media sources.

Linux Kernel 5.19


    • Linux Kernel 5.19 has been released, and the biggest additions and changes to this Linux kernel focus on networking, both wired and wireless, and more CPU support.
    • Also, something unique about this release; Linus Torvalds managed the Linux Kernel 5.19 release on an M2-powered Apple laptop, thanks to Asahi Linux!
    • Updates include:
      • BIG TCP support was added which allows bigger TSO/GRO packet sizes for IPv6 traffic and achieves network speeds up to 400GBit/s.
        • This will give a significant boost for high-performance networking and cloud-based data centers, so any system or service that sees massive networking traffic should greatly benefit from the addition of BIG TCP.
      • Support for Realtek 8852ce chipset, MediaTek T700 modems and Renesas RZ/V2M.
      • Initial support for the LoongArch CPUs based on MIPS architecture.
      • And as we talked about in June with the release of the Linux Kernel 5.19 Release Candidate 1, the 5.19 Linux kernel comes with support for multiple Arm platforms.
        • Torvalds states:
  • “It’s something I’ve been waiting for for a _loong_ time time, and it’s finally reality, thanks to the Asahi team. We’ve had Arm64 hardware around running Linux for a long time, but none of it has really been usable as a development platform until now.”

Open-sourced MoonRays 


  • DreamWorks Animation (aka DWA) is a huge advocate of open source.
  • They are currently preparing the packages for public release, and MoonRay will be available for download from Github soon.
  • Blender integration should work using Hydra.
  • I am looking forward to playing with MoonRay, especially since I have been using Pixar’s RenderMan for many years now.

Slice of Pi

Pi router


  • Good luck finding a CM4. 
  • I am curious what the speeds are. 
  • This is certainly a better option for a router cost wise.
  • At $54.90 you can have 2-4 routers for the cost of a good name brand one on the market, like a Linksys,TP-Link or Netgear.

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