Mozilla’s New Firefox Package

4 reasons to try Mozilla’s new Firefox Linux package, pancake RAM for desktop motherboards, Windows audio plugins on Linux, and a submersible Raspberry Pi.


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00:00 Intro
02:45 Mozilla’s New Firefox Package
05:36 Desktop pancake RAM
08:45 Windows audio plugins on Linux
12:22 Ras Pi CM5
14:22 Underwater Pi

Foxy Debs

  • The new APT repository is directly connected to the Firefox release process, so you will receive the latest updates whenever we make them available.
  • 100%, not 97.3% built by Mozilla. 
  • Better performance? -O3?
  • This is the solution for those of you using the ~mozillateam PPA, because Firefox went Snap on ubuntu. 
  • Also a bonus for chromebook users wanting to install the latest Firefox in Crostini without having to use Flatpaks. 
  • Awesome, I just installed it on one of my rigs with Ubuntu 22.04 :-D
  • I had been running the tar.bz2 build on Ubuntu 22.04, like I have for ages on all my Debian based installs.


CAMM Desktop

  • So last week we talked about the Compression Attached Memory Module, which will be a new standard of laptop memory which lays flat horizontally, allowing consumers to upgrade their RAM in thin and light laptops.
  • Well, several CAMM modules had been seen floating around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at several booths, including at the Micron booth where the CAMM memory for laptops was spotted.
  • It turns out that a representative at SK Hynix, one of the biggest makers of computer memory, made a comment at CES suggesting that the Compression Attached Memory would also be introduced to desktop PCs!
  • So motherboard manufacturers will have to retool their desktop motherboards, not just their laptop motherboards.
  • JEDEC, a company that develops open standards for computer hardware, and memory, announced the CAMM2 module for desktop a month ago.
  • The CAMM2 is made for DDR5 memory, but is expected to become mainstream in 2025 with the introduction of DDR6 memory.
  • This would be a welcome change for us PC builders to have memory that lays flat, for airflow, convenience for small builds, and greater flexibility in location, like the modern NVMe drives.
  • And it would be so nice to have the same memory form factor for both laptops and desktops!


Windows Audio Plugins On Linux With Yabridge

  • For 30 years, WINE has bridged the gap between Windows and Linux for running applications, particularly games. 
  • But its utility extends further, even into the realm of audio. 
  • Enter yabridge, an application that unlocks the doors to running your beloved Windows audio plugins right on your Linux system.
  • This guide outlines the steps for upgrading WINE on Linux, installing yabridge, and setting up your favourite Windows audio plugins for seamless use within your Linux environment.
  • For the past year, I’ve relied on yabridge to bridge the gap between Linux and Acon Digital’s Restoration Suite 2. 
  • While a rogue WINE update once forced yabridge to implement a workaround, overall the experience has been remarkably stable.

Slice of Pi

RasPi Compute Module 5

  • In an interview with Raspberry Pi YouTuber Jeff Geerling, the Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton confirmed at CES, that not only will Raspberry Pi 5 production ramp up like we talked about last week, but that there is a new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 coming soon!
  • The Raspberry Pi company has released guidance on its website already for people and companies to make products for the new Compute Module 5.
  • And like the Compute Module 4, the Compute Module 5 will have the same dual connectors.
  • And I am hoping the CM5 will come in as many variations as the CM4, 1-8 GB variations and different storage sizes.


Thirsty Pi

  • I had seen an article online recently about the HZO Raspi running underwater, but didn’t know it was on display at CES!
  • Nanocoatings, son. 
  • HZO decided to show off on of their special coatings by dousing a Pi and giving it the dunk. 
  • Sitting in a tank with USB-C and HDMI plugged in. 
  • Running for over 500 days. 
  • These coatings are handy for dust and moisture protection. 
  • Or filling swimming pools with Pi’s for various nefarious reasons.