Overkill Pi Cooling And RIP OS/2

Linux Kernel 6.8 comes to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS! Hobbes OS/2 Archive closes shop, overkill cooling for the Raspberry Pi, and the search for a good desktop email client.


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00:00 Intro
00:59 PipeWire vs FireWire adventures
01:57 That Dr WHO podcast
03:36 SCALE 2024
05:07 Ubuntu get kernel 6.8
08:46 Good desktop email on Linux?
15:22 OS/2 archive closes shop
20:52 Overkill Pi cooling

Ubuntu 24.04 Kernel 6.8


  • Great news!  When Ubuntu 24.04 Long Term Support is scheduled to come out on April 25th, 2024, it will feature the upcoming Linux Kernel 6.8!
  • Linux Kernel 6.8 is in heavy development, but Canonical’s Ubuntu Kernel Team has confirmed that Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” will be powered by the Linux Kernel 6.8 series.
  • Ubuntu 24.04 will feature:
    • The GNOME 46 desktop, with an improved Nautilus file manager
    • And, finally, built in support for WebP image file format
    • Also, headless support for Xwayland for those with an Nvidia GPU
  • For so many years, when the Ubuntu LTS versions would release, they would ship with a much older Linux Kernel, but not with this release.
  • Now you will be able to use the latest hardware, and all the new Linux Kernel bells and whistles on Ubuntu LTS!




  • Evolution, once a bloated mess, is good now?
  • Yes, yes it is. 
  • This post from Jack at ZDNET covers his search for a good email client on Linux. 
  • He needed something that could manage emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, and memos. 
  • All while supporting IMAP, POP, Gmail, Exchange.
  • Thunderbird, Claws, Kmail, Geary all have their issues. 
  • Dude says Thunderbird has an out-of-date UI and that confuses me quite a bit. 
  • Thunderbird recently updated their UI and it’s really REALLY modern. 
  • So modern that I switched to Evolution. 
  • I hope Geary continues development since it has a lot of good bits. 
  • I have gotten used to the new Thunderbird UI, but appreciate that Evolution still has the old school look, and just works.


OS/2 Rip


    • Does anyone remember using IBM’s OS/2 operating system from over three decades ago?
    • You know that operating system that was a joint venture between IBM and Microsoft?
    • And OS/2 was planned to take over for IBM PC DOS, or, as most people know, MS-DOS, which was sold by Microsoft for PC clones.
    • But after the success of Windows 3.0, the partnership between IBM and Microsoft fizzled out.
    • Which was so unfortunate, because OS/2 with its 32 bit processing and ability to multitask was a lot faster than Windows 3.0.
    • Well, New Mexico State University announced that on April 15. 2024 it will shut down its Hobbes OS/2 Archive, and all the support for the IBM OS/2 operating system. 
    • It is one of the oldest software archives on the internet, and ars Technica states:
  • “The archive contains thousands of OS/2 games, applications, utilities, software development tools, documentation, and server software dating back to the launch of OS/2 in 1987. There’s a certain charm in running across OS/2 wallpapers from 1990, and even the archive’s Update Policy is a historical gem—last updated on March 12, 1999.”
  • But good news, the fine folks at the Internet Archive have already mirrored it in one big 18.1 Gigabyte .TAR file!

Slice of Pi

COOL Pi   https://overclock3d.net/news/cases_cooling/overkill-cooling-seeed-studio-are-selling-a-full-water-cooling-kit-for-the-raspberry-pi-5/

  • And now for your moment of ridiculousness. 
  • Seeed Studio has an open loop cooling kit for your Pi. 
  • It can keep that super toasty Pi5 at a comfortable at 55C. 
  • You might be able to hit 3.14GHz. 
  • It’s overkill for a single Pi but it could easily cool an entire rack full of em. 
  • At $120 it’s a wee expensive but can you really put a price on overkill? 
  • This is so freaking cute!
  • This water cooling kit for the Raspberry Pi 5 can also cool several Pi’s simultaneously to keep that cluster cool.