L.G.C. EP09 — The News

On episode nine we take a look at Linux gaming news since others could not be bothered. Tonight we have Warsow, Xonitc, and Dakar 2011.

Having problems with Dakar 2011? Check with the judge (thanks Reddit)

mkdir Dakar
mv * Dakar
mkdir -p irrKlang-1.3.0/bin
cd irrKlang-1.3.0/bin
ln -s ../../Dakar/lib/ linux-gcc
cd ../../Dakar

  1. hey thanks for this cast.
    here are some projects I know of but seems like some are dead or just don’t release

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/open-football/ (seems to be dead but it would be awesome to have a soccer game like FIFA or ProEvo for linux. there was a discussion (as you can see at the “Project Feed”) about releasing the code)
    (http://www.clonegame.org/blah already was talked about on FreeGamer)

    So maybe if you have no news you can tell something about some of them and tell if they are still alive :)
    (thanks for tutorials on how to install some games)

    keep it up!

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