L.G.C. EP10 — PCSX-Reloaded

“PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation Emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X as well as many bugfixes and improvements.”

We also take a look at last weeks news. Cedega closing, OpenBVE, Amnesia, and JVGS. Then I show you just how easy it is to play your old PS1 games under Linux.

Website: pcsxr.codeplex.com

  1. …0_o ?????????????????????????????????????? “Source_QTBuildx86_0.2.1_alpha2” could you explain this? Source is the Steam engine and it’s not released for Linux.

  2. “2010 L.G.C. – All Rights Reserved” on the bottom of this page should probably someday be changed ’cause in most parts of this world it is already 2011 ;-)

    Barbie made me lol.

    Nice casts. Keep it going!

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