L.G.C. EP03 – Installing Sonic Fan Remix On Ubuntu

Why yes, you can run Windows games under Linux with WINE! This is a quick guide for installing a nifty 2.5D fan-made remake of Sonic 2. Everything works except gamepad support.

Ubuntu Gamer has a full review posted.

Website: Sonicfanremix.com

  1. You state that you need proprietary drivers to run this, but it works fine on my machine with the FOSS ATI driver. It didn’t when I first opened it, but if I launched it with wine from the CLI, changed the resolution to my native screen resolution with fullscreen and changed the graphical settings to the highest level, then it works great!

  2. Why don’t you use right-click -> Properties -> Permissions? It is easier than using a terminal.

    And I don’t know what version of Wine you are using.

    I’ve tested Sonic Fan remix in Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits with Wine 1.3.5 and an ATI 4770 and it was not OK. Too slow and a lot of glitches.
    I haven’t tested it since.

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