1. I am watching!
    Saw nearly every video. It’s fun to watch. Good presentation. It has a simple design. I like it.
    And i don’t think that this is a fail. Success would be right ^^
    Don’t be upset by some people complaining and self doing nothing and worse.

    Would be nice to have some more information on B-Reel-Games, what did you like /dislike and so on like in the http://blog.wolfire.com/2010/12/Humble-Bundle-2-Design-Tour

    Maybe you could post a list with what you would like to do next, what help you need and such things. So anybody could see and say “Count me in!”.

    Keep it up!

    • I thank you, I do.

      I’m “working” on the presentation. With luck it might look slightly less than horrid. You know; in the future, for kids ;)

      B-reel is something else. It’s recording raw footage and going “here it is” etc. Somewhat trixy since we do not review games.

      • Less horrid …
        … you could try turning the roomlight off and on again ;-) , some nice background (any advance with your greenscreen ?) and also switch from b/w to color mode.

        So, I request a review section :D

        • Heh, my room light is red ;) Not by choice (suffer/deal with extreme photophobia) but I am working on a budget LED lighting setup. The bugger is proper lighting for the green screen versus not having to wear sunglasses. I’m already a tool, don’t need and look like one etc…

          Don’t know about the review section, yet. It’s a LOT easier to get pre-beta games when I can say “BTW I do not review games”

          I do thank you for this feedback,

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