Linux Game Cast 480: Fail to the King

Linux gamers report more bugs! Proton adds support for CEG DRM, gaming on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2, and 26 blockchain game companies want Steam to unban NFTs.



00:00 Intro
05:56 Upcoming Steam sale dates
09:16 Steam QR code login
11:32 Proton CEG DRM support
16:17 A case for NFT games
19:17 Proton GE 6.20 enables Metro enhanced
23:22 Juro Janosik
25:02 Fistfull of Frags Halloween update
26:22 Running with rifles 1.88
32:52 Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
37:37 Stable Nvidia Wayland drivers
41:37 ProtonUp-Qt
45:17 Goverlay 0.6.4
48:37 LBA1 & 2 engines open-sourced
52:02 Linux games report more bugs
01:01:12 Review: Dark Crypt
01:11:42 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

All the dates

  • I keep looking through these sales and coming up meh.
  • I do get reminded about games I own and never played.
  • That December sale might be interesting in terms of numbers depending on how the GabeGear is going to be handled.

QR Steam

  • Good
  • It’s handy on discord and it’ll make setting up your deck a lot easier
  • Does that mean VALVe will be releasing an update to the android app?
  • Oh, goodie!


  • Fail to the king, baby.
  • DN4E thinks about launching but you have to cut it off and back on again.
  • You can finally shoot hitler in the balls on linux.
  • Steam’s CEG DRM was never widely used.
  • 13 or so games were rocking it?
  • Bioshock Infinite works! RIP VP.
  • It wasn’t an issue before Proton so much, as third party patches for WINE and launching Steam through WINE avoided the issue.
  • Proton could never run these games, until now.
  • It was both a combination of Proton and the new Steam beta that seems to have finally sorted this out.

pls no ban

  • Steam updated its onboarding process for partners on Oct. 14 to stipulate that no applications built on blockchain technology that “issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” would be permitted.
  • 26 developers, along with three other groups have penned a letter.
  • Having been through web 2.0, maybe invoking that with web3 isn’t the right branding move
  • Epic said they’d pull their pants down and let you shove your games into their shithole of a store, do that.

620 Blaze it

  • Metro Exodus does in fact make with the working.
  • Aspect ratio is jacked up and it makes the 2060 produce new noises… but it works.
  • Apparently Resizable BAR and eGPUs don’t play nice together

Steam: New Games

Slavik Robin Hood

  • The OG Slavic Hooker?
  • It’s an isometric adventure game with puzzles and apparently historically accurate slavic castles
  • Also you can’t kill bandits
  • Top down puzzle platformer.
  • Slav 64 meets Don’t Slav together.

Steam: Game Updates

Fistful of Halloween

  • What surprised me the most was that Fistful of Frags is still getting updates.
  • Just about over 100 people playing this every month I thought it’d be left for dedicated servers at this point, but no.
  • Not really an update, more of a reminder that spoopy mode exists.

Running with Pumpkins

  • Moar XP per kill and per streak.
  • And a Zombie mode if you have the Edelweiss DLC


15 bucks little man… Put that shit in my hand …

  • Ada was out before I could log in.
  • Quad core on the Zero/W formfactor.
  • That’s going to make for some far more interesting and tiny gaming devices.
  • Everyone likes a build your own chromecast kit.
  • This has enough oomph to drive a Steamdeck, I think.
  • 512MB will be a deciding factor for most projects.

Wayland Stable

  • Roundup of the beta branch
  • Hopefully by the time we hit 500 Wayland will be a done deal
  • F35 is shipping a little too close so hopefully they’ll push out an Nvidia compatible xwayland as soon as it’s available.
  • I look forward to playing with Wayland in Debian 12.
  • Gamescope has my attention as well but that’s going to need a libdrm updoot.


  • QT GUI for handling management of your third party wine builds
  • Beats having to remember a file path
  • Comes in a handy appimage
    • Good!
  • I keep saying this but if Linux is to be adopted by the Windows “power users”, it will need GUIs for all this shit.
  • I’m not kidding, all of it will need GUIs.

2x the root password

  • Guess the video is no longer bitratey.
  • Xwayland all the things, so you can goverlay on the new sauce.
  • But the big one here is the global enablement of mangohud, vkBasalt, and ReplaySorcery
  • It puts stuff into /etc/environment, but /etc/environment.d/ is there for stuff. Still needs your root password
  • Hopefully it don’t require this method forever

LBA1 and LBA2 engine

  • Briefcase full of CDs is the augties equivalent of a Altoids tin of SD cards
  • Two repos per game, one for preservation and the other that’s take pull requests.
  • This code was never meant to be seen by anyone outside the Adeline Software team.
  • Someone remade the A Little Big Adventure 2 engine in Type/java/script.

Better bugs

  • Remember the bullshit excuse other developers use, which I keep pointing at just how bullshit it is, that 5% of the users account for 90% of all bug reports?
  • Yeah, that’s a bullshit excuse!
  • As you can tell from this one developer that saw exactly what’s up.
  • Beautiful human behind ΔV: Rings of Saturn realized that Linux users were doing his QA for him without him having to ask.
  • I wish more developers would see it like that, but no.
  • Linux users are the bad guys because they keep pointing at my shoddy Visual Studio coding and calling out all the problems with it.
  • This comes with the massive developer caveat.
  • If your plan is to release and use your Linux user base as post-facto QA, get ready to deal with people talking to you like an engineer on equal footing.
    • Don’t try to BS the Linux crowd.
  • It’s a double edged sword, so wield it with care.
  • You have a base that’s trained to submit quality report bugs, use them.
  • Yes, they will find bugs in the Linux bits but they will also uncover cross-platform ones as well.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dark Crypt
Devel: Daisy Games
Engine: Godot
Price: £5.19 / $6.99 / $7.99

Wazzat: Dark Crypt is a turn-based puzzler with a horror theme. Sneak through an old crypt where an ancient evil slumbers. Its shadow is corrupting the tomb and the once buried bodies now haunt the halls. This evil must be sealed at all cost!

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys



  • Out of the box everything worked.
  • Picked up the Xbox1X wireless.
  • No resolution options in fullscreen.
  • Max res 1080p in windowed.
  • Surprisingly upbeat soundtrack.


  • Like Hack grid this is a movement based puzzle game.
  • Hide from the baddies’ vision cones.
  • Then a level shows up.
  • Then you can do a teleport.
  • Oh shit, the beddies are spinning.
  • Alright, HTF am I supposed to get that key!?
  • Oh look, a level skip.
  • I had a good thirty minutes before the game reminded me that it was smarter than I.
  • I’ll be back.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Scant options, but it holds 60
  • All the tutorial/extra text bits are configurable though, so that’s nice
  • Reading dual shock glyphs as text is certainly a thing, but at least it’s there


  • Movement puzzles! I definitely like this form of counting more than Raster Prime
  • If you were a fan of Hitmango, you’ll definitely like this game
  • Or hate it depending on if you want to be able to kill things
  • Man, if only you could just reach out and fuck up a zombie
  • The game does a good job of doling out the new challenges at a reasonable enough pace and the design language is robust enough to keep adding shit
  • You got 60 levels, each with par ratings, so you can go for beating them all and then beating them all under par if that’s what gets your rocks off
  • Not a bad amount of game for 7 bucks. I didn’t hate it



  • Runs out of the box
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440, as it should
  • DualSense worked out of the box without any extra Steam Input required
  • Though the game had a bit of a brown moment when I turned the controller on when it was already running.
  • It just froze.
  • Though I’m not sure if it was the game or Steam, since Steam froze as well.
  • Starting the game with the controller already on didn’t exhibit any such issue.
  • Compared to Hack Grid and Dark Sheep, this is a much better looking game.


  • Once again, Daisy Games Martin makes a simple but brain wracking puzzle game.
  • If you remember Hitmango this will feel somewhat similar.
  • There’s more freedom to move, but also a lot more slack on that rope to hang yourself.
  • And you get rated depending on how well you did in terms of moves.
  • There’s more than one way to solve some of the most open levels and your limited set of moves make for some challenging puzzle work.
  • And like all good puzzle games, everything you need is on screen and the rest is all down to your brain.
  • Very good and a very good price considering others of its ilk.



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