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Volition, Inc., the company responsible for developing the game FreeSpace 2 was bought over by THQ in 2000. With Interplay Entertainment holding the licenses for the FreeSpace series, Volition could not continue to develop the series. Without any viable use for the source code, Volition released the source code for FreeSpace 2’s game engine on 25 April 2002.[1] This allowed modders the possibility of modifying the game engine almost without limitations. However, because the source code is under a noncommercial license, it does not qualify as free software.

To prevent a plethora of different versions of the game from appearing, a single ‘umbrella’ project (with the unified goal of enhancing the game) under the name FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project was formed. The initial leaders were Edward “Inquisitor” Gardner and Ian “Goober5000” Warfield, the team is currently led by Cliff “Chief1983″ Gordon.”

Why yes, I AM working on a Open Free Space 2 how-to.

Website: blueplanet.hard-light.net
System requirements: FreeSpace 2 SCP (FS2 data files+fs2_open(inferno build)+MediaVPs)

  1. Would be nice if there was one download link for such games. There are some games where one has to download A+B+C and put A in X and B in Y… . I guess you got what I mean. It’s a little complicated for noobs.

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