SHMUPSpace – Side Scrolling Shoot ’em Up In MY FreeSpace?

You can find the LinuxGameCast Open FreeSpace 2 – How-To here.

From the forums:
SHMUPSpace is an arcade style mod for FreeSpace Open engine that follows the lines of more traditional shoot em ups (or shmup) of the late 80s and early 90s. Games like R-Type, Gradius, Thunder Force, and Gleylancer were my key inspirations in designing this mod. Then again, I did put a few nods here and there to Spoon’s TDS (Please, please play that as well!) mod. TDS was what gave me the initial drive to make this mod in the first place.

1. You’ll need to use the custom build provided in the download (or build a new one off of trunk) and ALSO RUN THIS MOD IN A 16:9 SCREEN RATIO RESOLUTION. Why do I have to run it in that ratio you may ask. Well, unlike space sims, side scrollers are very dependent on what ratio the screen is as well as the field of view the player is given. This is a major impact on game balance and I’m not going to rebalance the mod for 10 different screen ratios. If you don’t know what valid resolutions would be, here’s a list of the resolutions supported by this mod:

1280 x 720
1600 x 900
1920 x 1080

Also, don’t try to be a wise guy and run something other than those three, because the mod will error you out if you try anything else.

2. If you are going to use the pilot file supplied, the pilot file goes to the Freespace2\data\players\single\inferno\ folder.

3. Extract the mod folder in the usual location and run it like you would any other mod.

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