L.G.C. |B-Reel| — eDuke32 High Res Texture Pack 5.0

Remember “Duke Nukem 3D”, the great first-person shooter 3D Realms released back in 1996? Its cool protagonist, ingame atmosphere, original weaponry and many other features make it worth playing even today.

For all Duke fans who want to play the game again in a modern Windows environment with 3D accelerated graphics, the Duke3D community has created the High Resolution Pack (HRP). Utilizing the amazing skills of various texturing and modelling artists, the project´s goal is to replace all textures and sprites with high-res versions, optimizing it for latest OpenGL ports.

All you need is the “duke3d.grp” file from your original Duke3D v1.3d or Atomic (v1.5) CD-ROM. You can also play with theDuke3D Shareware Episode.

Here’s what the Duke3D HRP has to offer:

  • EDuke32 port for Duke Nukem 3D (by TerminX and Plagman), based on JFDuke3D by Jonathon Fowler. For more info, check out the EDuke32 site.
  • 32-bit high resolution textures with (at least) 4x the detail of the original textures.
  • Polymer renderer for EDuke32 offering advanced effects like normal/specular mapping, complex lighting system etc.
  • Models instead of the old sprites.
  • Optional: OGG soundtrack (by MusicallyInspired)


*WARNING may cause nostalgia.
Working on the DN3D high-res texture how-to. Here is a bit of footage from the final result. Can you tell it’s been fourteen years since I last played Duke?



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