L.G.C. |B-Reel| — Oil Rush 0.82

About: In a post-apocalyptic flooded world there are two things running short: oil and time. The last survivors in a desperate desire to seize control and dominate the enemy have started the naval warfare that turned the whole world into one large battlefield. In these harsh and cruel times, oil is thicker than blood.


  • Added “Tutorial 3” mission with cut-scenes. Learn how to divide units by type and conquer your enemy!
  • Added “Sabotage” map (1 vs 1)
  • Added “Sunset” map (1 vs 1, a limited set of units, Zeppelin in action)
  • Added “Circle” map (1 vs 1, an experimental labyrinth design)
  • Added “Napalm” skill (splashes of burning oil damage units and towers)
  • Added “Repair ship” skill (a ship repairs units around it)
  • Added “Mine field” skill (both ally and enemy units get damage when hitting mines)
  • Improved aircraft movement
  • Reduced “HeapChunk”-induced crashes
  • Fixed several GUI bugs
  • AI level is set to “Normal” by default in the “Quick Game” mode
  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs
  • Optimized Barracuda and Mantaray models
  • Added canyon environment
  • Added a Zeppelin unit
  • Fixed Seagull units
  • Added the fade effect in the main menu
  • Added Unigine logo on the start-up
  • Improved units destruction
  • Added a new battle music track
  • Soundtrack is now available in high quality as a pre-order bonus

Website: oilrush-game.com


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