America’s Army 2.5Assist – Coming Again, To Save The Mother (expletive deleted) Day Yeah

America’s Army 2.5Assist is a simple tool for automating the America’s Army install process. It even handles that pesky libstdc++5 issue.

About: America’s Army 2.5Assist is a simple tool Downloading Installing and Playing Americas Army 2.5 on Linux with a new custom authorization system. On the server side a Desktop server manager and a Command line dedicated server manager. Backend server components include a replacement authorization system using the Battletracker account & stats database and a PunkBuster log streaming server which records players possible cheating.


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  1. Nice post. :)
    This is just a heads-up for anyone who may have run into a similar issue.

    I downloaded the install zip, extracted, did an “ls -la”, making sure the linux extracted setup file is already executable. It was.
    However, trying to start the installer in the terminal with just “./25Assist”, it segfaulted. WHAT!!! LOL

    So, as a means to the end. I tried again, ran the installer using “sudo ./25Assist” in Ubuntu and it worked perfectly.

    Just a heads up for those who had the same issue.


    Todd B.
    Linux Game News

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