America’s Army 2.5 Assist Suffers A Major Malfunction

America’s Army 2.5Assist is was a simple tool for automating the America’s Army install process. It even handles handled that pesky libstdc++5 issue. Today in what can only be described as a severe misapplication of judgement they killed the Auth system bringing the community to a screeching halt. Check with the judge.

Posted at AAO forums by Johnny:
The latest version of assist include a new anti-cheat feature that allowed us to search peoples computers for cheats or hacks, We have now come to realise that this was unwise and could compromise players security or privacy so the system has been shut down to prevent any further risk to players. there was no trojan it was all done within the assist client.

Freejack_ from Shatrealm explains.

It appears in the Anti-Cheat scheme of things (trying to catch the hackers) they had an admin who did something that wasn’t on par. So the comunity is in uproar and the Admins are trying to defend themselves. I sent Spanky (one of the Admins) a pm and told him pull the plug on the forums till you have control. It was getting ugly. So basically the admin put a backdoor in the Assist program to catch hackers. He went to far and then at about 3am he pulled the entire server offline that did the authentication and anti cheat. So basically right now it’s game over, man.

Check out the full discussion and scream back here.




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