L.G.C. |How-To| — Install Slender v0.9.7 On Linux With PlayOnLinux

Another quick and dirty how-to for installing Slender v0.9.7 on Linux using PlayOnLinux. Yes, this fixes the mouse issue.

About: Slender is a first person horror game created by Parsec Productions where your only goal is to find 8 manuscripts about the Slender Man, a paranormal creature. The more directly you come in contact with the Slender Man, the faster your sanity drains.

Slender: Direct | Torrent
PlayOnLinux: www.playonlinux.com

  1. I did everything on the video and i go to run it and this shows up
    Error in main
    Slender crashed.
    Click on debug link to get more details.
    What do I do? Please Help!

  2. Hi, did everything as said in the video. After start Intro shows up, but main menu items dont appear. Is that a font problem? By the way, I installed all additional packages with ‘font’ – but nothing.

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