L.G.C. |How-To| — Install Hawken Closed Beta With WineTricks

It’s time for another quick and dirty L.G.C. how-to. This time we take on the Hawken closed beta. This has been tested with Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit using closed source Nvidia drivers.

1. Install WineTricks
sudo apt-get install winetricks

2. Install corefonts
winetricks > Select the default wineprefix > Install a font > corefonts

3. Install a Windows DLL or components

  • D3dx11_43
  • d3dx9_36
  • xact_jun2010
  • Mono 210
  • VCrun 2010

4. Install Hawken
wine  HawkenInstaller.exe

5. Launch Hawken
wine HawkenLauncher.exe

* located in /home/YOURHOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/MeteorEntertainment/Hawken/InstalledHawkenFiles 



  1. Are there any specifics that I need to do to properly run the Second Closed Beta?
     I keep getting:
    err:d3d_surface:surface_upload_data >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_ENUM (0x500) from glTexSubImage2D @ surface.c / 2352

    Is this normal?

  2. It’s not working on Ubuntu 12.10. I’ll try to find a way.

    EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2GB
    Core i7 8GB

    It crashes on launcher.

  3. launcher doesnt crash if you use GW2 patched wine (from playonlinux) .. or compile ur own with awsomium patch.

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