L.G.C. |How-To| — Install Hawken Closed Beta With WineTricks

It’s time for another quick and dirty L.G.C. how-to. This time we take on the Hawken closed beta. This has been tested with Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit using closed source Nvidia drivers.

1. Install WineTricks
sudo apt-get install winetricks

2. Install corefonts
winetricks > Select the default wineprefix > Install a font > corefonts

3. Install a Windows DLL or components

  • D3dx11_43
  • d3dx9_36
  • xact_jun2010
  • Mono 210
  • VCrun 2010

4. Install Hawken
wine  HawkenInstaller.exe

5. Launch Hawken
wine HawkenLauncher.exe

* located in /home/YOURHOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/MeteorEntertainment/Hawken/InstalledHawkenFiles 



  1. Are there any specifics that I need to do to properly run the Second Closed Beta?
     I keep getting:
    err:d3d_surface:surface_upload_data >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_ENUM (0x500) from glTexSubImage2D @ surface.c / 2352

    Is this normal?

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