Devil May Cry 5 Linux Install Guide

In this quick-and-dirty how-to we’re using Proton, Winetricks, and Devil May Cry 5, Proton, Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, popOS, WINE, winetricks, guide,mf-installcab, howto to install Devil May Cry 5 on Linux. This guide was done using Debian 10 but should work with Ubuntu, PopOS, Mint, and other derivatives.

0. You must launch Devil May Cry 5 at least once to generate the compdata folder.

1. Install WINE & Winetricks

sudo apt install wine winetricks

2. Install xact and mf using Winetricks.

WINEPREFIX="/YOUR/STEAM/DIRECTORY/SteamGames/steamapps/compatdata/601150/pfx/" winetricks xact mf

3. Download and unzip mf-installcab and change directory to mf-installcab-master.

unzip ; cd mf-installcab-master

4. Install mf-installcab

WINEPREFIX="/YOUR/STEAM/DIRECTORY/SteamGames/steamapps/compatdata/601150/pfx" ./

5. Copy mfplat.dll to your Devil May Cry 5 installation directory.

cp mfplat.dll /YOUR/STEAM/DIRECTORY/SteamGames/steamapps/common/Devil*May*Cry*5/

6. Optional: Change TargetPlatform=DirectX12 to TargetPlatform=DirectX11 in dmc5config.ini

/YOUR/STEAM/DIRECTORY/SteamGames/steamapps/common/Devil May Cry 5/dmc5config.ini



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