LinuxGameCast Weekly EP12 — Steamed Hams

Coming up on this LinuxGameCast Weekly. We show you what to do with a “hacked” Steam client. Jordan rages against Serious Sam 3 BFE, and Venn buys a fan. Oh, we also have a go at some neat KickStarter gaming projects.

Stick around for the spoiler filled aftershow where we take on Skyfall, Cloud Atlas and South Park.



Icculus Working Hard

  • @PyGuyLinuxFan Lots of work for the impending Steam/linux release. New games, old games, and tools to support them. Fun times!


Steam For Linux Limited Beta Has Arrived! …kinda

  • The first wave of welcome emails has been sent out!
  • We will be expanding the beta in the future with more participants from the survey.
  • Does it matter at this point?


STEAM – New games


What Can You Do With A “Hacked” Steam Linux Beta Client? Play Some Humble Games!

  • Install Humble Bundle games (show working list)
  • Everything except TF2
  • Fedora 64 bit issues.  Had to run steam as root first.   Dependency issues solved by reboot
  • thanks to spot @ redhat for providing a complete deplist


Nvidia debuts ‘double-speed’ drivers for Steam

  • The One thing phoronix is useful for.
  • It’s faster


Steam using WINE for some games?

  • Steam will download, install, and run Trackmania Nations Forever if WINE is detected.
  • Will not automagically install WINE
  • Bug or feature?
  • Don’t like not being prompted or even asked about using WINE.

Humble Tells Us Whar ..kinda

  • We will, of course, offer refunds to any disappointed Mac and Linux customers
  • In Humble Indie Bundle 6, we wrote that Vessel was coming to Mac and Linux in 24-72 hours.
  • The port is still being developed as fast as possible
  • It’s in private beta testing

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