SuperTuxKart 0.8 RC1: Story Mode, Improved AI, And Better Collision Physics

Over a year after the 0.7.3 release the STK team has announced the first release candidate towards SuperTuxKart 0.8. This RC brings several bugfixes, new music, tweaks to challenges, and some modifications to tracks (most notably a new shifting sands track, thanks to ctdabomb and kalado). There is also still time to help complete translations.

You can grab the source here or check out a nightly build.

Screens :

The main changes since version 0.7.3 are :

  • Story mode and new challenge set
  • Improved AI
  • Skidding and better collision physics
  • Reverse mode
  • New green valley track
  • New Blackhill Mansion track
  • Updated XR591 track
  • Updated Fort Magma track
  • Updated jungle track
  • New music
  • Updated menus

 Website :


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