SuperTuxKart: Rev The Vote And Wiimote Support

With less than 3 days to go in the race to become SoureForge’s “Project of the Month” the STK team needs your help. Only 10 votes missing to share the lead (and quite a few more to put us securely in first place).

We need every vote we can get – please support us and go to to cast your vote. We have been told that using twitter is not convenient for many of our fans, but we don’t really have a choice.

Any kind of advertising helps, too – best of all if you tweet about it (since your followers obviously have a twitter account), but also making a video about STK, posting appropriately in a forum, contacting your local radio or TV stations,

In addition they created a promotional video showing the upcoming wiimote support in SuperTuxKart – hopefully in 0.8.1.

Via r_linuxgaming


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