Game Of Who Pilot EP00 — Men Don’t Need Nipples

Remember how we said the L.G.C. Aftershow would go full-metal Game of WHO during the series? Yeah, we weren’t joking. On our pilot episode we break down “The Bells of Saint John” and “Valar Dohaeris”.


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First impressions:

Doctor WHO – The Bells of Saint John

J- ???


  • Not a fan of the new intro music. /lawn.

  • New companion starts out where Martha jones ended.

  • Is the Great Intelligence going to be a thing?


  • It’s never been my favoU(murrca)(matter of consistency, if I don’t say colo’u’r I ain’t sayin’ favo’u’rite)rite series, but it’s doing a damn fine job at keeping me entertained.



Doctor WHO


  • Oh noes!  I’m being downloaded into the internet!  Haaaaaaaaaalp!


  • Cringe worthy green screen

  • Real time “hacking”.

  • TARDIS interior. It looks like something the J man and I would come up with during one of our drug fueled Bolivian escapades.

  • WTH linked her support call to the TARDIS?!

    • Who was the “woman in the shoppe” That provided the number? Guess: River

  • Wait wait wait. He LICKED the leaf. Thought “entire worlds would KILL for a sample of Time Lord DNA” See Impossible Astronaut.

  • No way that was a real Triumph motorbike. Went more than 2K without breaking down.


  • The security is so good they can’t track their location, but hacking the webcams, no problems there!

  • if getting uploaded teaches you about Twitter, I don’t think I want to anymore.

  • Oh so that’s where the bike on the poster comes from, looks just as bad on the live action green screen.


GOT First impressions:



  • Poor Tyrion


  • First in the credits!

  • Oh, she speaks the language (guess)

  • Redheads are roubles I tells ya.

  • Didn’t want to curb-stomp Joffrey this episode


  • Whitewalkers in the first shot, mothafuckas!

 GOT Problems:


  • They were supposed to keep the reveal at the end a secret for a while according to the books.  Also, where is Aria?


  • Boobs showed up around the 24min mark. Not the halfway point.

  • Midget SHOULD be missing a nose.


  • Not enough boobs, too much Jon Snow, not enough Jamie and Brienne.

  • Need more details on what happened to Theon!


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