LinuxGameCast Weekly EP87 — November Nipples

Valve teases the Areola Controla. Wasteland 2 actually downloads, Eldritch goes open source, and Civilization in spaaaaaaace! Then we throw the chairs at Foul Play. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News :

November nipples

  • Without the touch screen i’m a bit meh on the areola controla

    • Same


Steam Gauge:

  • Top 6 most played games have almost the same time played as all other Steam games.

    • Only 2 of which are not for Linux (Skyrim and Civ. V)

  • Top 13 most owned games are available for Linux.



  • Very interesting concept

  • Seems like something that desperately needs multiplayer

  • And Partial controller support.  But at least you can play it on your Occulus


Nuclear Throne

  • According to its steam store page, it was released in Oct 2013.

    • Shows up as early access for Linux in April 2014


      • ^

  • Hipster pixel AND early access.


Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (beta) makes /w the download

  • Finally!

  • Oh shit… this is shaping up to be exactly what I had hoped. Behold! My next time sink.

  • I, kinda like it.

  • Devel was quick to ask how it was running


The Last Federation

  • Gratuitous Space Battles, now with more Turn-Based strategy.

  • Do the backgrounds seem a little flat to you in the trailer?


Drox Operative

  • So….EVE/FTL meets diablo?

  • Cross platform multiplayer is a nice touch

  • Price is pretty steep though.   I’d wait until a 50% sale at minimum


Earth: Year 2066

Why is your game in Early Access?

We decided to make early access to choose the right direction of game development with gamer’s help.

  • Just the one gamer’s help

  • DayZ/Fallout 3/STALKER in Unity, or at least that’s what they’re aiming for.

    • I don’t feel like paying €20 to find out.

  • FFS this thing looks like “My first FPS simulator”

  • HTH does this crap get Greenlit?

Humongous Entertainment Steam Dump

  • Games from the 90’s, 6 of them plus spin-offs.

    • €93 worth of nope!

  • Fun fact, you can buy the base games separately for €18.94.

    • Means there’s just over €74 worth of spin-offs.

  • Geez.   These look like some mindfuckingly awesome games


Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • Exciting Stuff

  • NEver got into Civ.

  • WHAR George Timothy Clooney?!11!


Eldritch Source code released under ZLIB license

  • Ooh!   Anti-semitic and open source!

  • I’mma be sorely disappointed if I’m not killed by the zombie of H.P. Lovecraft after I’m done compiling!

  • I started a CMake file (cmake can eat a bag) and fixing the static links but someone in Linux_gaming beat me to it and probably did an infinitely better jerb.

    • The CMake in r/Linux_gaming did work. You still need the assets to actually play the game.

      • Ya think?


FPS construction kit

  • Minecraft FPS builder /w guns

  • Could be a helpful learning tool for children or ARCH users.


Noir Syndrome

  • Java game

  • Mystery Roguelike is a unique concept.   

    • Curious if it actually works though.   Mysteries are nuanced stories and randomly generating them can have some very huge pitfalls

  • Every other game who comes out nowadays is a roguelike of some description.


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Foul Play


Devel: Devolver Digital

Engine: Custom engine (derived from C++)

Price: $14.99

Wazzat: Play as the daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth in a side-scrolling co-op brawler set entirely on the grand spectacle of a theatre stage that rewards performance over pummeling.

Makes with the working


  • No issues /w triple monitor setup since I use separate X screens a real man.


  • What Pedro said


  • Game starts in Fullscreen mode and sets my monitors to clone each other.

  • I had to manually rearrange my monitors, because even after changing to windowed mode it kept the clone setting.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Love the art style. It’s like a Double Fine brawler

  • Sounds are there but FFS the grunts



  • Art style choice I could dig. The whole stage metaphor made literal is clever and something I could definitely get behind.

  • Repetitious music, ½ a second of voice acting and the same grunts constantly coming out from the enemies/your character.




  • OOTB /w the Xclone



  • It notified and made a point out of giving me a choice to properly configure my controller

    • And it also recognized it properly!




  • The first 20 minutes are a bit of alright.

  • Really like the audience health meter gimik.

  • I was hoping multi-player would save it but it’s just more of the same.


  • This game is brutally repetitive.  Same three or four enemies for what seems like an eternity

  • Haven’t had a chance to try out multiplayer yet


  • It is a fun brawler, if you find a video or podcast to play in the background in such a way as to not have to listen to the grunting and the same 5-second BGM loop.


Final –

Hate Mail:

Also yes


Missed it



  • Totally wants the systemd

    • you mean the dbus

      • ^ That’s sexist you insufferable clod

        • That’s clodist you insufferable Mexican



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