Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop 0.9.5: Numerous Fixes And New Features

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Coop is a modification of the RTCW single player source code that adds cooperative gameplay. The 0.9.5 update brings new features and numerous fixes.


  • Added banning and tempbanning
  • Added obituaries for players
  • Added 1 respawning gun around each flag that will only be there if AI respawning is enabled.
  • Added globalaccum command for player sections, as the accums in the player section are local to each player. This fixes random bugs like Tram, Boss1 start, City gate or Rocket elevator or such.


  • Fixed callvote nextmap in Church map
  • Fixed Baseout loading image
  • Fixed call vote crashing in Windows due to trivial unfinished MP call vote porting.
  • Fixed Centeprint newlines fix. Made CG_CenterPrint more like MP version.
  • Fixed chair pickup to work like it should.

Grab the full list here.

rtcw_coop_2 rtcw_coop_3 rtcw_coop_create_server rtcw_coop_teamoverlay


Google Code Project:


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