L.G.C. |Reviews| — Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

The Linux GameCast Weekly crew put on the diapers, take a stiff drink, and thow the chairs at some pure, unadulterated nightmare-fuel.

We needed to untape our nope buttons for the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review. So, before the segment we took our courage pills.. basically we got fu*ked up and hit record.

This world is a Machine. A Machine for Pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of Pigs. From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dear Esther comes a new first-person horrorgame that will drag you to the depths of greed, power and madness. It will bury its snout into your ribs and it will eat your heart.


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Webzone: aamfp.com

Devel: Frictional Games / The Chinese Room

Engine: HPL Engine 2

Price: $19.99 (Pre Order $15.99)

Makes with the working


  • Steam minimum req Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CONFIRMED

    • Steam page says: “Major Linux Distribution from 2010.”


  • AMD and Nvidia graphics both work fine on this



Shiny / Sounds


  • Is this the most advance engine? No, but it gets the jerb done. Unlike the point-and-click Unity game we screamed about last week this brings atmosphere ..in spades.

  • If someone on the graphics team didn’t have a body (or two) buried in the back yard I would be surprised, nay, disappointed.

  • Sounds? This brings the nightmare fuel when you click “new game”

  • I’ve noped out of the game several times based on sound alone


  • The immersion is fantastic,   Everything is creepy and spooky

  • Like venn said, this isn’t the latest and greatest engine.   However, its like the infinity engine in that it ages very gracefully.


  • The all important immersion, ladies and gentlemen, this game has it. By the buckets!

  • Play the game with a headset. Yahtzee called it the previous one a constipation aid, I’m calling it a paranoia facilitator!




  • Ever play Penumbra? Then expect more of the same.


  • The controls fit the game pretty well.

  • Good, but I wouldn’t say “shutupandtakemymoney”.


  • Venn mentioned Penumbra, but while in Penumbra you had means of defending yourself, here you do not.

  • If you ask me, that’s a plus. It’s less frustration and you don’t feel like you’re controlling som lookeone with disjointed elbows.




  • Fuck this game and fuck every team member who worked on it. Six years later and you found a new way to tape down my nope button.

  • Aaaaaand I just dinged it a chair. Cornered an N.P.C. and it did nothing but run around in circles.

  • Yes, I actively trapped one in hopes of giving it a hug DONTJUDGEME!

  • Without spoiling anything; shite got less serious after this.

    • Glad to see I wasn’t the only one! XD


  • Exactly what I’ve come to expect from an Anmesia game.

  • The immersion is just terrific and every thing feels spooky


  • The category is called fun, yet there is little to be had in the game. The chairs I’m about to give, rate just how far back my own chair tilts while I play this game.

  • I found that, even though it was easy to trap the monsters once you figured it out, it was still a very challenging and unnerving game.

  • Even though the Chinese Room’s lack of experience is somewhat obvious (AI cock ups and dragging some parts on for too long), it is still a game that is very deserving of your money.


Verdict –



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