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Your intrepid heroes barf rainbows, lose control, and multi-thread all the things! F1 2015 faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

Game: F1 2015
Devel: Codemasters/Feral
Engine: EGO Engine 3.0
Price: 60 Flubargs

Wazzat: Race like a champion in F1™ 2015 A stunning new game engine and all-new ‘broadcast presentation’ puts you in the heart of the action.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • 46 High / 48 Low @1080.
  • 30+ ish @ 2160.
  • In-game averages 50/60 with some dips into the low 30’s.
  • Uses all 8-cores of the 8150 @ 45% +.
  • 37% avg GPU utilization.
  • Note: Not running the minimum (or recommended) OS.
  • Note 2: Switching from 1080 full to 1280 windowed does something funky.
    • It just slams into the top left corner without a border and for WTH ever reason disables NVENC.
    • Works properly after a restart.


  • It struggles to keep at 30 at UHD with everything on 11
  • Averages At 69 (giggity) FPS at 1080


  • According to the benchmark I get an average of 48 FerPS on Low, Medium, High, and Ultra. That benchmark is completely unreliable!
  • Looking at htop, It seems to peg 1 or 2 cores at around 50%.
  • All the other 6 hover around 20%.
  • Looking at the Nvidia-settings panel, the GPU utilization is actually hitting 100% at some points during races.
  • If those 100% GPU utilization spikes are to be taken at face value, it would seem this game is more GPU-bound rather than CPU-bound.
  • Whatever the case, it’s very unoptimized.
  • I have the recommended video card and the performance is pretty bad.
  • I’m not sure with whom the blame lies on this one.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Even on low this critter looks a bit of alright.
  • On high it will have you wiping rainbow barf off your monitor-organ.
  • When i’m laying rubber in the wet I can smell the rain.
    • Also, the game looks nice when it’s raining.
  • Engine sounds are nice at 11 and the racket made during downshifts is satisfying.


  • It definitely makes with the pretty.   You can’t complain about that in a codemasters racing game
  • You figure with all the licenses Codemasters gets for these cars and drivers it comes with the requirement of “make it look good or die”
  • It sounds like the stereotypical f1 whine that I’ve heard in TV and movies.


  • Oh, look! A Codemasters game where I can actually mute those goddamn annoying announcer.
    • Bonus chair!
  • Music? Well, you have music in the menu and it’s elevator music grade at best. But in a game which is very clearly aiming for the Sim sub-genre of Racing games, that’s fine.
  • Where the sounds really shine is in car engine noise, as in you can actually judge how fast you’re going and what gear you’re in when trying to slow down to turn.
  • Tire-noise is really subtle but the moment your tires start degrading you can also very clearly hear the difference, if you’re paying attention.
  • The weather effects were really well done and, boring as F1 cars are to look at, they were really well modeled and look pretty good from all camera angles.




  • I really want a wheel /w flappy paddle shifters.
  • Unfortunately wheels lead to pedals, and pedals lead to proper shifters and proper shifters lead to life-sized Antonio Banderas blow-up dolls (With Realistic Genitalia!)
  • It’s serviceable with the Xclone but only just.
  • Cody Cooper asked if this was a wheel game and after a few additional hours I can double down on YIP!
  • Protip: Don’t even think about cutting off all the assists when using a controlla.
    • It’s not even infuriating impossible, it’s LOL impossible.


  • Works reasonably well with the areola controlla and the PS4
  • I’d give it 4, but I got xbox prompts on my PS4 Controller
  • This game really does scream the need for a proper racing setup.
  • Funnily enough, I didn’t even consider disabling the controller assists.   Upon learning about them, I enabled more of them


  • Feral has the controls down, it seems.
  • Both the Logitech F310 and the Mistress worked great.
  • It’s great to play with the areolas because, thanks to the haptic feedback, you can actually get a really good feel just how far you’re turning the wheels.
  • Go SDL2! Go Feral!
  • But, this is very much a wheel and pedals type game.
  • Especially if you want to turn off the assists and have ever tried regulating throttle speed with the crappy trigger slider on your typical XBox style controllers.



V-CHAIRCHAIRAsteoid? Asterisk? Clara?

  • When I first read about the A.I. straight-up running you off the track for fk-all reason I thought it BS.
  • It’s not.
    • If you’re watching the produced version, you can actually see the AI doing that to me at one point.
  • And if you have the A.I. riding your 6 near the finish line you best block or they will hit their non existent turbo at the last second.


  • I don’t like Formula 1 Racing
  • Ultimately, that’s what this section comes down to
  • Sure, as I continued playing, my time got better in time trials and I figured out how to actually steer the damn cars, but I wasn’t having fun
  • Is it competently done, sure.   But that’s the best you’re getting out of me


  • Of the racing genre, Formula 1 games have always been those I never really got into.
  • I’m not sure why.
  • It could be because the way formula 1 cars behave in the real world is often not accurately portrayed in videogames.
  • It could be because the idea of racing “street” cars is more appealing to me than cars designed specifically for racing.
    • I did play a bunch of Need for Speed World in WINE before EA nuked the servers.
  • Although, I do like rally games and those aren’t exactly street legal cars, either.
  • With F1 2015, specifically, I don’t like how the AI will PIT you out of 1st place if they so much as touch you.
  • I don’t like playing Sim type games with a controller.
  • And I don’t like the lack of performance on display.
  • I’m definitely not the target audience for this game, that’s for damn sure.




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