LWDW – Dead Pixels

Google kills the Pixel, Maru goes open source, and OpenShot 2.1 is finally here!

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Did it?

  • Linux became the major operating system on everything except the desktop a few years ago.
    • XP Embedded 4 life!
  • Microsoft is giving a huge opportunity here for Linux to become a major player on desktop computers but Linux developers aren’t grabbing that chance.
    • I don’t see anyone paying OEM’s and ODM’s any type of benefits for pre-installing Linux and, as far as I know, Microsoft still pays them to load Windows on their laptops, desktops and X86 tablets.
  • Canonical once was in the right direction and was doing the right thing but they lost focus with their whole convergence thing, which is nifty but no one really needs.
  • Now we have Gnome and KDE that are trying to deliver high quality desktops but a good desktop is not good enough, the overall quality of applications must get better as well.
  • The world of desktop dominance is not a meritocracy. Case in point, Microsoft’s still leading it after ME, Vista, 8 and 10.
  • Until someone with a lot of money decides to back Linux and pay OEM’s a cut for them to preload Linux on laptops and what not, like Google does with Chrome, Windows will always lead the consumer desktop market.
  • Also, someone needs to spellcheck their articles.



  • Fun fact: if you want to get the full power from this Piton CPU, you’d better not use Python
  • Ah yes, parallel computing. Ask AMD how well parallel computing worked for them over the past 10-ish years.
    • If it’s OpenSPARC it should have CoolThreads (CMT) built in.
  • Still at 32nm and only 1GHz.
  • Princeton Piton Processor quick specifications:
    • 25 modified OpenSPARC T1 cores
    • Directory-based shared memory
    • 3 On-chip networks
    • Multi-chip shared memory support
    • 1GHz clock frequency
    • IBM 32nm SOI process (6mm*6mm)
    • 460 million transistors
  • researchers aim is to design a chip that could be used specifically for massive computing systems in large data centers that handle cloud services, email services, search and social networking requests.”
    • Good luck beating Acorn RISC Machines.
    • Hell Fujitsu dropped SPARC for the 64-bit ARM-v8A in the upcoming Post-K supercomputer.
  • What’s the TDP on this critter?
  • I love this kind of stuff but this is a lab prototype that may never see implementation.



  • People still use the Opera?
    • Not anymore
  • Password storage is something that has always worried me with browser sync features. Those password although not stored in plain text can be decrypted, this is a bit more serious than websites where they shouldn’t be able to recover the original password.
  • That doesn’t keep me from using those services, I just hope Mozilla and Google won’t mess up like Opera did.


Dead pixel

  • Anyone surprised by this?
  • Google isn’t exactly known for sticking with things.
  • There is a replacement, it’s called Pixel C and it’s priced accordingly for a ChromeOS/Android device.
    • An Android ARM device can hardly replace an x86 ChromeOS laptop.
      • It does not but outside of Steam and Wine, why else would you want an x86?
  • Glad they realized that ChromeOS and high end laptops have nothing to do together.
  • I remember 2 years ago when Google said they’d be killing off the Nexus devices.
  • That still hasn’t happened.
  • Something something Nexus 10.



  • Android 5 + Debian still has better chances of succeeding than a slow version of Ubuntu that can only run webapps.
  • Just to play devil’s advocate for a bit, Ubuntu Phone still has the advantage of being a native OS which can do both touch and desktop modes.
  • Having both android and debian running parallel to one another is a big drain on system resources when we’re talking about a Nexus 5.
  • This is NOT turning a mobile into a full PC, nay!
  • This is continuing on with something THE ENTIRE industry has decided was a bad idea and going yeah, I’ll have me some of that”  


Shot 2.1

  • It’s borderline usable.
  • No longer able to import 1.4 projects so it has that going for it.
  • The first link to OpenShot 2.1 goes to blogger.com, not really what I expected.
  • Audio waveforms! yes!



  • System 76 got a new community manager, and I can already hear you saying “why should I care?”
  • The name Ryan Sipes sounded familiar so I looked in my wallet and found his business card, as the former CTO of Mycroft, the open source voice assistant
  • Ryan says in his blog post that System 76 has some game changing stuff down the road
    • Then again, System76 said the Bonobo Extreme was a game changer.
    • What elks is he going to say? This place is proper fkd and I have a lot of work to do”
  • No additional details given but it would be cool if System76 and Mycroft did something together because 3D printed cases only get you so far.


Text Editor Master Race

  • So it’s nano with a more intuitive customization scheme?
  • Good, I always feel sorry when adults are having a good old fashioned editor war and some kid comes in screaming “nano!”, at least this looks like a proper editor.
    • If said “adults” are warring between vi and emacs, I’d gladly take the “kid”’s suggestion and use nano.



  • Electron Story of the Week
  • Doesn’t give you a tray icon, nor does it work with the multimedia keys on keyboards.
    • This is how you tell how long someone has been using the Linux.
  • Aaah, Spotify the G2A of Music.
  • So this is like Nuvola but only for Spotify and without the 15 other streaming services.
  • Less Polished version of Spotify Web Player for Linux?
  • Yeah, no #okayGoogle


Open Browser Studio (Thanks Dick)

  • I have read the README and I still haven’t got a clue what this plugin does.
    • It allows you to display a web page in the OBS output without having to rely on the screen region option.
    • You can put a bunch of blinky shite onscreen to attract kids.
  • It has some advantages, similarly to how OBS handles the image display.
  • If you set your web page with a transparent background, you can much more easily overlay it on what you’re streaming.
  • This actually allows you to do that eye-candy stuff Windows streamers use without having to rely on yet another 3rd party app.


Fairly Liberal

  • Trump Hat.




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