LWDW 275: Free As A Node

Everyone resigns from Freenode, System76 launches their open-source keyboard, Audacity drops telemetry, and 1Password gets a native client. Then we show you the best way to use a StreamDeck on Linux.

Special thanks to:
Rtheren (Ploop filter from the Wishzone)
Steven B (new patron)
DOOM2.WAD (new patron)
FlutterShy2077 (5K bits)



00:00 Intro
04:45 Freenode exodus
11:45 System76 keyboard
16:40 Audacity removes tracking
21:40 PipeWire in Fedora 34
26:55 1Password Linux client
30:50 Chrome caching
24:00 BaldPhone
36:10 Magewell 11100 review
42:35 Bitfocus companion

Colour key: Venn Jill Pedro

Freenode staff resigns

  • A few years ago freenode ltd was sold to Andrew Lee[1], under terms that have not been disclosed to the staff body.
  • ????????? because of a gag order. 
  • Due to a leak of a personal resignation letter draft, Andrew Lee learned of the situation and asked democratically elected freenode volunteers to step down from their position.
  • RIP freenode, libera.chat is the new hotness. 
  • Oh noes, so much for #lgc-weekly on freenode IRC :-(
  • Now it’s time for a new host.
  • Standard story still developing and we’re three randos speculating on the internet disclaimer. 
  • Dude is the Korean crown prince. 


Official 76 keebs

  • If it’s not a wireless ergonomic keyboard, I am not interested. 
  • $285.00 is not crazy expensive for a hipster clacky keyboard.  
  • Dishwasher safe? 
  • System76’s completely customizable keyboard that you can remap keys, swap keycaps, and configure multiple layers we have been talking about has ‘Launch’ed!
  • You can adjust the Launch keyboards layout with the Keyboard Configurator application which is saved to Launch’s open source firmware. 
  • Again, I love the idea of a customizable split spacebar.
  • Where you can have keys like Backspace, Shift, or Function at a cluck of a thumb.
  • Launch also has a high speed USB hub which features USB-C and USB-A ports.
  • As a fan of small form factor keyboards, like the one I am using now, I love the 60% keyboard layout that System76 is using!
  • 100% open-source, the firmware is based on QMK. 
  • Works with Pop!_OS Keyboard Navigation. 
  • Orders shipping in July 
  • It may not be expensive in comparison to other hipster klacky keyboards but it’s way too much for my wallet.wetga5etujtby75 rmyi,f


No telemetry for Audacity 

  • RIP telemetry. 
  • It will still include error reporting.
  • The data will be self-hosted so no more Google or Yandex. 
  • Update checking when Audacity is launched is a great idea, and makes it more convenient, like other programs, to get updates.
  • Update checking and error reporting will only be enabled in the official release versions of Audacity available from their website or GitHub.
  • In other builds it would be excluded by default.
  • It only took massive community outcry and shenanigans being called out with screenshots for it to happen.
  • Couldn’t have done like this from the beginning, huh?!


PipeWire interview (RTheren)

  • Great to see progress. PipeWire will solve a lot of issues for desktop Linux.
  • Good job on Fedora for pushing it out to the public, hope more distroc follow.
  • Latency reporting and netjack are still in the works. 
  • I would like to see something modeled after Netjack1 but with latency reporting. 
  • Zita-n2j is not a solution for the six of us using netjack.
  • I remember how excited I was reading about the development of PulseVideo and that this would allow you to multiplex and stream a webcam device to multiple applications at the same time.
  • And it is because of this work on PulseVideo and some of the Linux multimedia answers that needed to be solved, that we got PipeWire.
  • So the plan isn’t to replace GStreamer but to complement what it can do on a lower level, while GStreamer itself handles the higher level stuff.
  • That’s probably a clever idea, since most user facing software expects GStreamer to be there nowadays.
  • I fully expect someone to drop a Well Actually, right about now.




  • Linux support was their most requested feature. 
  • Dark mode, GNOME/KDE wallet support, DBUS, and X11 clipboard support. 
  • Written in Rust. 
  • Packages for Deb/Cent/Arch and a *.gz. 
  • I love how we are getting new features first on Linux:
    • Secure file attachments
    • Watchtower Dashboard to monitor and evaluate your password security health
    • Quick Find and intelligent search suggestions
    • New look and feel
  • And of course it has support for GNOME Keyring and KDE Wallet.
  • Now they can push their subscription plan onto Linux users without being immediately told that if they want to take money, they will have to support the platform.
  • I don’t really have an opinion on 1Password, to be honest.
  • The biggest non-troversy I remember reading about it, was how it dared charge for a major version update.


Chrome gets faster

  • The Google Chrome Browser for desktop is getting a huge speed boost.
  • The developers are bringing Back-forward cache to Chrome for desktop which provides instantaneous page loading when navigating backwards or forwards.
  • This was introduced on Android last year, and will become experimental with the Google Chrome 92 release for Linux, Windows and macOS.
  • This feature won’t be enabled by default, but you can test it out by enabling the chrome://flags/#back-forward-cache option in recent versions of Chrome, and even other Chromium based browsers.
  • I just enabled it in Vivaldi and it seems to be working good and fast.
  • Back and forward has always been a proverbial poop show.
  • To the point I got into the habit of hitting Ctrl+Shift+R every time I hit the back button.



  • This is BaldPhone, a new accessible interface for your Android smartphone, suited for seniors and the visually impaired.
  • BaldPhone replaces your phones interface with an easy to use and easy to see iconified desktop..
  • This looks very similar to the easy to use Jitterbug interface for Android that is locked down to just a few models of Jitterbug GreatCall phones.
  • BaldPhone will work on any Android phone regardless of carrier.
  • I helped set up a Jitterbug phone for my mother-in-law and she loves it.
  • But it is wonderful to have another option for seniors and the visually impaired, and one that is open source, free and will work with an Android device they already own.


Magewell 11100 Pro Review

  • Installation & setup + fan hax. 
  • Setup is easy, kernel module. 
  • Low latency mode is not default so look out for that. 
  • That price tho. 

Slice of Pi

Companion Pi 

  • Get more use out of your Stream Deck with a Pi. 
  • Modules for the Behringer Wing, Magewell ProConvert Decoder, NewTek Tricaster, OBS, Ubiquiti Unifi, Blackmagic ATEM etc. 
  • You can run this on the localhost but a Pi image is available. 
  • It can run on anything from a Pi Zero to a Pi4. 
  • Using it right now. 

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