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Linus says naughty words! HP buys a chameleon, Kdenlive rounds corners, and Ubuntu Transforms™

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


HP Linux

  • HPE seems to want a better cloud infrastructure, improving their own OpenStack solution with SUSE’s expertise
  • A deal valued at approximately $8.8 billion.
  • SUSE will be HPE’s preferred Linux partner.
  • Will they use openSUSE Leap?
    • Why would they? SLED and SLES are targeted at companies like HP
      • How about HP-UX? (this was a joke)
        • I’ve never used HP-UX but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t got anywhere near where Linux got lately. That would explain why HP would be interested in a professional linux based OS like SUSE
      • WebOS?


That little fuzzball

  • Funny how people only care about the naughty words Linus says and rarely about whether he is right or not.
    • Welcome to LGC Weekly, son.
  • I’m pretty sure a lot of CEOs of closed source projects are worst than Linus but we never hear about them because proprietary.
  • Reporting that Linus Torvalds cussed someone out of their safespace and destroyed whatever ego they had managed to build up to that point is like reporting water is wet.
  • All this over adding userspace critical mounts event support?


Rounded corners

  • Short list of new features, long list of bug fixes, just like it should be until we get rock solid video editors on Linux!
  • PPA available here for Ubuntu:
  • Debian users can install a deprecated version
  • Something has to go hella wrong with OS 1.4 before I’m switching.


Ubuntu piracy

  • Ubuntu release infringes the copyrights of the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction”
    • 12.04 wasn’t that bad… mostly.
  • The real issue is the Googs shoot first ask question later policy.
  • Please don’t download Linux isos from your Warez tracker, there are official torrents on your distro’s website.
    • Unless you really want your PC to be a part of a botnet.
  • It still boggles my mind how Google, you know, the most valuable company in the world, still bends over and lets the MPAA shove whatever phallic object they happen to have handy up its ass.


Live Long and Unity

  • So Unity devels will find a way to make Vulkan performance rubbish?
    • No, they will find a way to get their engine to perform correctly with AMD cpus.
    • I think Venn meant Unity game developers.
  • You can always trust the Unity ghetto to deliver on the shoddy performance front, regardless of graphics API.
  • And the performance will never get better unless the people who make the assets optimize them. Because the people who buy those assets and cobble them together into something moderately resembling a game can’t code, period.


970 claims

  • US Only… Well, crap.
  • I’m too lazy and I don’t care enough to file a claim even if I could
  • World’s best selling video card in ages and those lawyers seem to be too scared of money to make that a world-wise suit.
  • Making it US only is like giving NVidia a slap on the wrist instead of the proper paddle spanking they deserve.


Zen 10

  • Closed source operating systems… how, 90s.
  • Baby kale is a weird name for a CPU
  • It’s only unsupported, not incompatible with older versions of Windows
  • But hopefully, this will make some people want to switch to Linux
  • I like how Microsoft is actually telling people in advance this time.
    • You will install Win10, citizen.
  • Last time, with Skylake, they only told people right in the middle of it and they were forced to backtrack that decision.
  • I’m guessing they hope with the early announcement people won’t throw as big a hissy fit like they did last time.
  • Turbo Boost and Speed Shift could be affected.
  • Intel, when you draw graphs, don’t use slightly different shades of yellow


Incoherence galore (thanks eMpTy)

  • It reminds me of how the Brave browser deals with ads
  • If an advertiser pays AdBlock, will it make their ads acceptable?
  • For now, you can still block those ads they’re selling if you opt-out of the acceptable ads policy.
  • Remains to be seen for how long, since we have to take into account AdBlock is now sucking corporate phallus.
  • The story here is now publishers can take part in the acceptable ads thingy.


SHIELD Update (can be removed if there’s too much)

  • Still no Nougat!
  • Fixed issue with intermittent Auto-Rotation shut downs
    • Oh! That’s what was causing those? Ok!
  • Update to Android 6.0 Security Patch Level July 1, 2016
    • Something something CRITICAL September update.


ViViVi editor of the beast

  • Most awaited feature is the support of async jobs which will make lots of plugins a lot better
  • Comes with its own package manager now (but that won’t make me get rid of vim-plug)
  • Windows users can now render vim with DirectX ….. oook?

Slice of Pi

Can you hear me now?

  • Having to be connected to a wifi network and plugged to a USB power source removes a lot of the Walkie aspect
    • Because you want your kids five kilometers apart.




  • Pedro has ruined a lot of distros already
  • Where can I download FXCE?


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