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Skype 1.10 Alpha enables video! Pierre-Loup teases a Linux VR demo, Ubuntu 16.10 ships with Unity 8, and in Soviet Russia open-source prefers you!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


Unity 8 Desktop fallback

  • Whether Unity 8 actually loads for you after you ‘log in’ will depend, largely, on which graphics card you have and which drivers you use with it. Unity 8 (or rather Mir, the display server that Unity 8 runs on) only plays nice with open-source Nvidia (nouveau) and open-source Intel GPU drivers.”
    • Okay, so only people with NVidia Fermi GPUs and Intel Laptops can use it.
  • Remember during Debconf14, when asked about Wayland, John Vert from VALVe said that without any clear advantage to Wayland over X when it comes to games, they see no reason to support it.
  • What do you think will happen to Mir when you can’t even use the proprietary Nvidia drivers or ANY AMD drivers along with it?
    • They work swimmingly with Wayland, right?
  • If people can’t play their games, they’re not going to use your little pet project.
  • sudo apt-get remove unity unity-2d unity-2d-panel unity-2d-spread unity-asset-pool unity-services unity-lens-files unity-lens-music unity-lens-applications gir1.2-unity-5.0 unity-common indicator-sound indicator-power indicator-appmenu libindicator7 indicator-application indicator-datetime indicator-messages libnux-2.0-0 nux-tools libunity-misc4 unity-2d-common
  • Or as I call it, Step 1.
  • It ships as a preview so no need for a PPA.
  • Ubuntu ships with Unity 8 is the equivalent of Fedora shiping with Wayland.
  • None of those are going to be a thing until widely supported by all drivers


Video skeep

  • MS finally figured out how to WebRTC, yo.
  • I’M KIDDING… it’s rubbish
  • Alright, brass tax.
  • Linux to Linux video works when it’s not busy buggin the heck out.
  • It seems to be 4:3 with a zoomed 16:9 when you double click the video.
  • Only sending +/- 300 up for both video and audio.
  • Audio is better than the last Skeep Alpha but horrid compared to the Desktop client.
  • Joining a conference call (don’t expect video) it cuts the already bad quality in half.
  • VIdeo looks considerably worse than Jitsi.
  • Aaand it’s more CPU intensive than Jitsi.
  • For a brand new Skype client, they are making progress quite fast
  • At this pace it may get to feature parity with the old Sky client soon
  • And let’s not forget the most important, its got a dancing penguin in the about dialog


This week in building a distro from the ground up

  • 4.8.1 kernel with CONFIG_HARDENED_USERCOPY enabled by default
  • Libreoffice 5.2.2
  • Open-sauce radeon Vulkan driver
  • And a bunch of updates for the usual suspects
  • They now support LVM2 with full disk encryption, as well.
  • Nothing like a 16.3MB *.gif loading over a mobile connection.
  • teeworlds 0.6.3, FINALLY!
  • This distro has come out from nowhere in the past few months and it’s gaining popularity at an incredible pace.
  • That must be a side effect of proposing a new distro that isn’t an Ubuntu with a custom theme and also doing things the right way
  • I’m even convinced to install it on my laptop


Comrade FOSS

  • This is a politically charged article of which we’re only taking away the fact that, Russia is embracing open sauce.
  • That’s good! The UK is also moving towards that. Germany has already changed several municipal systems over to their own custom Linux distro.
  • This is progress and if progress means giving US corporations a kick in the nuts for years of malpractice, that’s just the cherry on top.
  • Pfffft! This should read “Russia bluffs so IBM/Oracle will give them a better deal”
  • Russia already runs on Open Sauce, I replaced Putin with a refurbished Pedro MKIII in February.
  • That answers more questions than it raises, doesn’t it.


It’s like a sammich… made of nope

  • we’ve contributed support for generating Visual Studio C++ projects targeting Windows Store and Windows Phone”
    • Why?
  • I can’t imagine those to be very popular regardless of Microsoft’s marketing machine.
  • Talk about deserving each other.
  • Wait… what’s wrong with CMake? Don’t tell me you prefer autoconf
  • That will improve build processes in cross platform projects and I’m all for that.
  • I always cringe a little when I see some Visual Studio stuff in my open source
  • Let it be all CMake and I’m happy with that


Unigine Not-Heaven 2

  • And what a lot of people asked when they made the announcement on the social networks was: “Will this do Vulkan benchmarking?”
  • To which the reply was “No, not at launch.”
  • Why is everyone so scared of pissing of Microsoft and showing the world that Vulkan is just as good, if not better than DX12?
    • I doubt MS knows what a Unigine is.
    • Kinda like game developers.
  • Admittedly, I don’t know for sure if this supports DX12 at all, either.
    • But it wouldn’t really surprise me if it did.
  • I like the idea of having this on the Steams.
  • I’m not sure the lack of Vulkan is because it would make MS angry
  • Vulkan is very young and also very hard to master. Those things will take time.


Steam Dev Days start today (12th)

  • Talking about Vulkan ✅
  • Talking about VR ✅
  • I can’t believe that Valve is caring about SteamOS again!
  • When this event is over, I’ll maybe have a bit more respect for Valve than I did last week
  • But they still enable gambling websites with their CSGO knives… you know who else does gambling stuff? Konami.


Speaking of

  • I can sense Empty’s beard twitch from here.
  • …tease.
  • Hope this is available NOW kinda talk and not a coming 2017 kinda talk.
  • It’s valve so give it another 6 to 8 months before shipping a public beta.

Slice of Pi

When a suit hits your eye like a big PIXEL Pi, that’s appalling

  • So as it turns out, some of the stuff used in the PIXEL DE for Raspbian isn’t exactly above board.
  • The background image for one, is only free for personal use.
  • Which means, you can’t preload raspbian with PIXEL on a Raspberry Pi and give it to a student.
  • You can’t redistribute it, at all.
  • Unless you’re doing promotional work for PIXEL, at which point reproduction (not redistribution) is acceptable.
  • That’s adorable, some people actually got scared of being sued over a wallpaper
  • And of course a fork ensued
  • That said, it wasn’t very clever from RaspberryPI to ship an open system with content having a restrictive license.


Rang Rang




Skeep 2

  • First off, it’s FLOSS.
  • Going to tell that interviewer or Grandma to use Ring?
  • I only half joke since J-man straight up told an interviewer to get his keester on Jitsi.
  • Jitsi is actually a really nice option for everyone since it requires zero setup (unless you want to share your desktop)

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