Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Crabby Lake

CES 2017 is here! Kaby Lake gets benched, Amiga comes to Pi, and we revisit the Microsoft Word 1.1a source code release.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan



  • Seems even the DE (except Unity) doesn’t even make that much of an impact in your RAM usage, anymore.
  • Who cares about DE RAM consumption?
  • Have a shitty PC? Run LXDE. Have a mediocre PC, run XFCE. Have a good machine, run whatever you want (including 2 previously mentioned DEs)



  • Far less exciting than the release of Prince of Persia’s source code.



  • Nothing new here (it’s from 2009) but I didn’t know about it.



  • So this is like KDE connect without having to install the kitchen sink?
    • Between a few KDE libs and Java, what would you choose?
      • Neither.
  • KDE Connect has considerably more functionality.
  • Including the ability to browse your device so long as it’s on the same network as the PC, replying to texts directly from the desktop, pausing local media players when you get a call on your phone, etc.
  • KDE Connect is one of, if not the biggest reason I want KDE to get to a usable state again.
  • I might try it, I might not, just like KDE connect. I find the idea neat but I have no real need to have my phone on my computer or my computer on my phone (Looking at you Unity 8)


CES 2017

  • Not Linux specific, but since this is the Consumer Electronics Show, chances are there’s going to be Linux running on some of these devices at some point.


Redundancy Lake

  • The only performance gains to be had in this generation come from the increased clock speeds.
  • Which, on an unlocKed part mean effe and all.
  • The announced MSRP is actually lower than the 6700K was, on release.
  • The biggest improvement here is the lower power consumption, but do you really want to spend another $500 in a motherboard and CPU-combo which won’t even save you a third of that in the electricity bill by the end of the year?
  • Also, wait for Zen. If it does what AMD needs it to, it will also bring down Intel’s prices, if it doesn’t, business as usual.

Slice of Pi


  • For some reason, I’ve always wanted a dedicated machine for Amiga emulation, there’s the chance to do it!



  • The fact that I’ve never seen something does not mean it doesn’t exist.
    • Again, why do you hate Google?

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