Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – GPD Pockets

Riot gets Jitsi with it, GIMP 2.9.6 explodes, Atomic reviews the GPD Pocket, and Linus turns down a Job. All this, plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Riot 0.11 gets jitsi with it

  • The Widgets are in.
  • There’s Jitsi, Google Docs and some other stuff.
  • Based on the decentralized network.
  • Their “widgets” sound a lot like “bots”
  • Jitsi Video conferencing is a welcome addition if it works.
  • So, this is Discord for business?
  • Speaking of, that UI is a direct copy pasta.
  • Alright, not direct but I did have a “why are they showing a Discord screenshot” moment.


Another company wants to make a Linux phone

  • The mobile OS wars are over.
  • 1.5 mill? WAT!
  • Is this market research? Because it looks like Ubuntu Edge phone market research.
    • Ubuntu Edge has the slightest chance of becoming a thing.
    • This, this is just wasting people’s time.
  • Convenience trumps encryption.


GIMP developers launch a YOLO release

  • Exporting UHD compressed *.png went from 5 / 6 seconds to 2.
  • Unfortunately everything else is wicked-sluggish.
  • It does have better support for high DPI and that is quite nice.


How about a little Pop!

  • It would be nice that instead of GNOME Calendar they used Thunderbird and found a way to sync that with whatever DE you use.
  • I’d actually be very supportive of that.
  • But no, let’s focus on GNOME so that when the GNOME Devs decide to change it all again for the sake of changing it, everything crashes and burns.


Linus allergic to Apples

  • He only wanted to steal his liver.
  • Jobs wanted to hire him to work on non Linux stuff.
  • So, MS offers you 500,000 per to work on non Linux stuff. What do you say?


Zoom Zoom

  • Two competing japanese car makers work together to make a Linux based infotainment system.
  • Is it android or iOS? No? Then it’s a waste of time.


256 years year of the Linux desktop

  • What distro were you running in 1994?

Slice of Pi

Bullet Pi

  • 27 Raspberry Pi Zero W
    • It’s because of people like these they’re always out of stock!


Pew Pew Pi

  • Neat story of the week.
  • Good candidate for the LWDW TSA challenge.


TV Pis your brain




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