Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Poking Around

Pi goes Snap! Debian disables FTP, youtube-dl gets a GUI, and mp3 is set free. All this, plus your feedback.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


  • I use youtube-dl all the time but this is a cool project to do the same thing outside a terminal
  • As the name suggests, youtube-dl lets you download videos from hundreds of different websites
  • There is also a non-free alternative I used to build my MTV website: 4K Download (at the time, it was the only software able to download some music videos)
  • Explain to me again how you not a Hobbit why people download YT videos.
    • Music piracy.
    • Torrents are hard for the average computer user and downloading the Youtube video let’s them play their music locally.
    • I know because that’s what the computer illiterate people around me do.
  • If you are going to use a GUI might as well use VLC since you already have that installed.


Droid CLI

  • How to look like a smartass with your android device
  • Nothing against the CLI but if I have to use a small touchscreen keyboard with no tab key, I’ll pass.
  • It’s a neat way to practice your Linux commands”
    • No, no it’s not and please stick to topics you know about.
  • This is a great tool for… what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, right! Posers.
  • but we don’t think the regular consumer will ever get it.”
    • That’s not the target audience.
    • Heck! You are not the target audience, clearly.
  • This is for those elitist people who want to feel superior to other people over such things.



  • And no one will miss it
  • I use FTP a few times a week to upload multi-gigabyte files to our server.
  • That said, I don’t think I’ve downloaded anything via FTP since the 90s.



  • The content of this app seems very questionable
  • There is no free plan, the app is useless without a paid subscription
    • .99, 1.99, and 3.99.
    • Pay someone so they can priate for you.
    • ????
    • Profit!
  • I presume the “request series” button just sends a message to the author who will torrent the series and upload the episodes on his server.
  • And yes, said author is also the owner of the tech news website promoting this application
  • DMCA takedown in 3… 2…
  • Redirecting me to a blank page asking me to disable my adblocker is how you get me to not look at your site.



  • This seem to be in a very early stage compared to the Douane firewall we talked about a while back
  • The TODO list is just a grep command
  • Creates an alert for every outgoing connection applications are creating.
  • Great for scaring the bejesus out of people.
  • Do you want the nagging experience of running an Antivirus on paranoid mode? You go it!


Can’t License it No More

  • Don’t worry, Fedora and OpenSuse will still find reasons not to include it in their repos
  • We covered this a few months ago but now it’s official.
  • People can quit screeching about podcast being distributed in *.mp3 even though they never download the *.ogg versions.
  • As less and less people keep local copies of their music libraries, keeping a particular format under ransom doesn’t really make sense
  • And I’m guessing Fraunhoffer doesn’t really want to pull a Disney with their licensing stuff.


Pulse Effects

  • Sure beats pulseaudio-equalizer!
  • Now I just wish I knew what all this audio lingo meant so I could make my music sound better
  • Will this allow me to lock Pulse Line-in channels?
  • Because if it does I owe you a throne from the skulls of your enemies.
  • If it does, it’s one less roadblock to getting rid of Skype.
  • I futzed with it for a whole of two seconds until I caught myself changing the music I was listening to to output on the speakers, physically mute the speakers and have the pulseeffects be the one outputting to my headset.
  • The equalizer, reverberation and compression effects work, I can tell you that much.


Hack Unity (The other One)

  • The security group responsible for the hack says they’re white hat and professional but it doesn’t seem very professional nor white hat to deface a website
  • But this will have good consequences for Unity, they will soon provide 2FA and stronger password policies
  • Ohnoes! Mah email address was teh haxked!
  • The one bit of gaming news this week isn’t exactly related to gaming.
  • Unless your game of choice is poking at websites until they break.

Slice of Pi


  • It’s the SCSI version of the PATA emulator we covered a few weeks ago!
  • Generous use of transceivers to adapt the PI 40pin GPIO to the 50pin SCSI.
  • Developed by a japanese retro-computer aficionado for the Sharp x68000, a late 80’s PC which is very popular with the nostalgia computing crowd in Japan.


Snap Pi

  • I like the “Its work-in-progress and should not be used on any production system”. So it’s like every other version of Snaps?



  • You misspelled Lutris.



  • From the DaVinci Resolve guide.
  • It’s just a basic one included with XFCE4.
  • You will need to wipe your system and install Ubuntu 16.04 in order to use it.

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