Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – A Little WiPi

GPD Pockets begin shipping! Apache bans Facebook’s license combo, Audacious receives an update and 5 reasons Linux is ready for everyone. All this, plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


  • Atomic got his and seems not to hate it.
  • 1920×1200 IPS
  • Intel Atom and 8GB RAM


Krita 3.2.0 Released

  • Fixed the crashes when spawning a second window, eg. an image preview.
  • If you build Krita against QT 5.7.1 or later the mouse wheel bug is fixed.
  • And the default setting for multiple instances now works as it should.



  • Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS.
  • Improved playlist search bar and Full drag-and-drop capability for playlist entries.
    • Welcome to the 21st century, audacious!
  • It’s Winamp for Linux without the music purchasing ability which ruined Winamp.00


Great Option

  • People, don’t use desktop finance apps in 2017.
  • I would not say the interfaces are “simple” but different.
  • Yes, it does come pre installed from a variety of vendors.


No Facebook, No Problem

  • The Apache foundation have banned the “Facebook BSD+Patent Grant” license.
  • That means you can’t redistribute ReactJS along with anything Apache license, basically.
  • Facebook reportedly shocked for a whole of 5 minutes until they repackaged everything with lighttpd/nginx/IIS/etc..


postmarketOS fights against planned obsolescence

  • I like this idea, but that name needs to change.
  • Everyone go dig out a 5 or 6 year old phone/tablet and try to use it.
  • All it does right now is boot.


Testing your overclock from the terminal

  • This could be helpful for troubleshooting unstable overclocks.
  • stress is too mainstream now?
    • Apparently not, they’re still using it.
    • They just wrapped it in python!
  • Does not require X.
  • I guess this would be good for a set it and forget it solution.
  • I would be interested to get some feedback for next week’s show about who still overclocks and or stress tests their builds in 2017.
    • Guilty!


A quick recap of Kratos

  • We covered this in detail on LGC Weekly so go back and give that a watch for the full business.

Slice of Pi

How about a little WiPi

  • With a little tinkering you can turn it into a repeater.
  • And if you have an external WiFi dongle, you don’t need a Pi 3.


WiPi Boss

  • This is nothing new of course, you can get the same basic functionality on any of your PC’s that are ethernet connected to the router.
  • The Pi Image simply gives you a nice GUI to help you manage new machines.


WHO would use something like this?

  • 3D printable TARDIS case for your Pi.
  • That is all, as you were.




  • This is either a low level troll… or a Windows users.
  • And people wonder why malware is so prevalent on Windows.

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